Adding 300 Titles to Online Database Collections is pleased to announce that they have begun adding more than 300 family history titles to their database collection. The scanned books cover the topics of vital records, immigration, military, histories, biographies, and more from the early 1600s to the 1900s.  Below are a select few of the titles that are already available for searching:

You can more of what has been added on the list of recently added databases on


75 thoughts on “ Adding 300 Titles to Online Database Collections

  1. I have a subscription to the family histories, and you say these are family history titles. So I tried to do a search in one of these but was told I would have to upgrade my subscription to Deluxe. You must be kidding?????

  2. The library where I work has a subscription but it also said that they needed to upgrade to World Deluxe. What goes? These are US items why the need to upgrade? Also, I was looking on home page for someplace to find out about the different subscriptions and what was included. There is no way to get to that information. If I wanted a personal subscription I couldn’t find a way to do that easily.

  3. I’d like more information on exactly what you get for your subscription published on the website. For instance I have now found a West Indian connection and would like to know just what would be available to me if I were to subscribe to World Deluxe in connection with the West Indies and other countries.

  4. Here, here! I asked about this some time ago. Why was the Family History publications database split out and away from US records (to which I have subscribed for years) and made its own database when they are, in fact, US records??? So that might charge more money to look at the database, under the World Deluxe $300.00 annual membership fee? I think I just answered my own question. Greed is running rampant at Ancestry.

  5. Let’s see if I have this right. You want me to spend $300.00 of my social security money when i’m living on a limited income to buy World Deluxe.This might help me increase my 450+ people in my family tree that i now have logged in. Then you want me to submit it to you so you can sell it to other people and make more money and i do all the work.
    My personal opinion is your CEO’s want to retire with a fat pocket full of my hard earned money,no thanks. P.S. please print this for all to see. George Brown

  6. As a purchaser of 5 separate subscriptions,(Family & Local Histories, US Records Collection, US Census Images, Historical Newspapers, & One World Tree) , I now find that NONE of the additions you just posted are AVAILABLE TO ME ! ( Unless I PAY MORE MONEY ) This is information that I already pay for, and just changing the “category” doesn’t change that fact.
    In the area of Consumer Fraud, this is called “Bait & Switch”.
    I expected better from

  7. Take previous and upload the information to Rootsweb. it’s free.

    Family Tree maker does the same thing. Upload inforamtion (free to them) and then they charge someone else for it.

  8. Just finished looking at North Dakota (state) BMD. When I expand the file I find BMD for NY, GA, VA, OH, AL, VA, NC, PA, MA, SC, NH, MD and other misc. files, as well as ND.
    When I look at a particular state, there should be records that pertain ONLY to THAT STATE….not a group of unrelated junk!
    Is ND the only state? NO! Have also looked at CA, IN, IL, NY, MO, AZ and can only assume all states are likewise being deluged wiht files NOT belonging to that state.
    If there is a reason for this particular idiocy, please let me know.

  9. I have never seen so much complaining about! Nowhere can I find a requirement that you must submit a family tree to Ancestry. If you don’t want to submit a tree, don’t!

  10. Will lets see… Before Ancestry we had to either order census films or travel to a center like the National Archives, stay in motels etc. We also traveled to court houses, and made trips to cemeteries. This cost a bundle more than $300 per year. We traveled to England to see their census etc. Thanks Ancestry for gathering “stuff” in one place. However, set a rate we can understand, then let us in. Locked data bases are annoying when you think you have found something.

  11. Some months ago I contacted Customer Service about the multiple subscriptions I had at the time and whether there was a cheaper way to go.
    Good news – it was definitely cheaper to go for the US Deluxe subscription. They did so, at my request, and credited me for the unexpired portion of my several other subscriptions.
    Way to go
    It would be helpful to have a better display of what is covered by each subscription.
    Thank you.

  12. I’m getting fed up as well with the attitude of the policymakers at We had Ancestry World Tree, and then we had One World Tree, to which I’ve been feverishly adding over the past few months, and now I find out that we will no longer be able to link records to the One World Tree because now there are new trees! This is absurd! And if you complain, all you get is an emailed form letter. They know we can’t go elsewhere for a lot of this info so they figure they can do what they want.

  13. I personally have no complaints about this site, in fact this site is one I will continually suggest to anyone who may doing research on their family. I stand by for its excellence and availability of records I would never see in my lifetime without spending a fortune.

  14. I agree with David Taylor, 28 Aug.2006, I am on Social Security and a small pension, so $300.00 is quite steep, but pre I had been paying for many years, via mail, for information that I now get from comes out to $25.00 per. mo.

  15. I have been using for about 4 years now, yes now
    and then you do make changes, and you do charge, but I have found more information thur your site than anything else,
    Yes I am also on S.S. and it does hurt, may I suggest you
    set up a system that the seniors can afford. If its monthly
    or by monthly that would help so much.
    Just appreciate you being there for us.
    Phyllis, Calif.

  16. I do need the ability to use the general search engine with three types of previously available
    search assistance. The ability to add a name like a child, parent, or spouse. The ability to see the big picture, in summary form, of all available references in the total data based search. The ability to use an abbreviated name or a sound alike search technique. I feel stymied and have not searched much since the change in search format!!

  17. Ancestry now tells me that the subscriptions I thought I had will not entitle me to any new information, just access to information that was already posted. To get new information I have to switch to a US Deluxe. I have done that, and in my case it actually costs less than my piecemeal subscriptions, but I am still annoyed that Ancestry terminated some of the functions I thought I had, without notifying me. Every other membership I have had (Godfrey, bank accounts, etc) has always been very careful to notify me if any services are being cut off. That’s Public Relations 101.
    By the way, the 300+ new family history sources are pretty cool.

  18. To those of your who are complaining about spending more money.
    Try not buying seperate databases, and buy packages that have all you want in them. It will be cheaper. It is for me.
    I have the World and I could not buy them all separately for the price I am paying now. Beside/s that, if I want to get Great Britain, I have to go global. I have come too far in the last 6 yrs to stop now.


  19. I have a comment/complaint about Ancestry Library Edition. It’s very disappointing that the the decision was made to have this available “in-library” only. Many people are unable to physically get to a library very much (or at all), and many can’t afford an Ancestry subscription.

  20. I absolutely hate the new format! I can’t even find the things that I have found before.
    All you are doing is ruining the site. I will certainly think long and hard before I renew my subscription to this mess!

  21. I absolutely hate the new format also and become frustrated when I can’t find things I’ve found before. What is ancestry doing?? I also agree with Helen; many of us feel we have come this far and close to a breakthru so can’t stop now and I feel thats just what ancestry is counting on. Even tho this may be better than the old methods I’m not sure I can continue to afford it.Am I correct in understanding that we can no longer connect to One Word Trees unless we submit our tree?? First we lost the ancesty trees and now we are losing One World? What gives?

  22. I would appreciate if you would respond to some of the questions asked above. I also have had problems in trying to get information through the library edition while at the library. I specifically went there in person to look up something in one of the historical newspapers and found I couldn’t access it. I came home and tried to find out about getting a subscription but found I could only subscribe to US Deluxe or World Deluxe, both of which are outside my price range. So I got a stock answer to my I email to you, which didn’t answer my questions. I called the library reference center, and they couldn’t tell me why there subscription access was so limited. Please publish what is included in your various subscriptions and the current prices.

  23. I have to say that the pricing is really out of line. I got US Deluxe as a gift (I understand it was bought at a discount at As a power software user, I find the interface to be sub-standard. Additionally, since the installation failed to register the software, I had to call to get my subscription registered. Now here’s the interesting thing. They said that they would have to have a credit card number and charge me $0 to get the registration to work. Of course at the end of a year, my credit card will be charged for a subsequent year. In their dreams! I gave them a one-use number from my credit card company.

  24. I have to agree with the majority of comments about The price is getting out of line and the new format is terrible. I don’t like the one trees and the new format is difficult to use. I wish you would go back to the old format. It was much more user-friendly.

  25. I have to agree with the comment on the credit card, Ancestry gets the card number and they don’t notify you that your subscription is running out, they just recharge the same thing to you account, maybe we should remember to renew or cancel, BUT, they say you should have read the small print. Seems to me, that they would make more money if they talked to or e-mailed their people with accounts and see if they want to drop something and maybe upgrade. I will start using the one time charge the next time I sign up. Ancestry doesn’t have the right to change subscriptions prices or what you get midstream, Ancestry full fill what you sold to the people. You have the best site on the web, but don’t ruin it with your antics. Having read the comments, I see there are others that feel cheated.

  26. I am afraid that I too must protest at the continual rising costs of your program. I love finding new information and as we live in a small rural community where trips to a large city don’t often happen, working at home is my only option- and passion. However, even passion runs cold as the money pit dries up.It’s too bad that we feel our world has become a money grab.Where has the community spirit of sharing gone. If the common trend keeps up, the thousands of people who have loved research will disappear and you will be back to square one with no one wanting your help. Greed is a horrible thing.

  27. Ancestry is getting pricey and confusing (don’t care for the new format) BUT I have subscribed for many years and they have NEVER charged my credit card without calling me first. Now I have a Deluxe subscription but at one time I subscribed to several individual ones. EVERY time they called to let me know my subscription was expiring.

  28. Be careful–“some” of these new databases can also be accessed free of charge remotely from most public or state libraries under HeritageQuest Online, which includes 20,000 Family and Local histories (almost 20,000). Check there first.

    I agree that Ancestry has drastically changed–I have tried repeatedly to get them to correct a search error on several of their Family History books that I KNOW have my family listed several times, but those names are not indexed in their version of the index.

    HOWEVER, when I go over to and do the same search, I find that their search engine DOES find my names–so why should I have to pay for a double subscription to find this information?

    I am also VERY disappointed that subscribers no longer get a discount on the family websites. I have 6 of them and with the overpriced $30 for each site, you can see where I am going–I wil lhave to drop several of them. They promised to upgrade them and improve them and they have not done this….yet. I don’t use the 100 mb of space for the $30 and wish they had a lower price for smaller space–5 mb used to be free, I believe.

    I am sorry we are not getting our money’s worthy anymore for home access, so will probably drop the sub and use it at my local library or LDS Family History Center for free, but they don’t have the International databases anymore.

  29. When I renewed my subscription last month, I too complained about the price. (The young man on the phone really didn’t seem to care) Each year it gets to be more and more. My husband retired this year and I hope to by the end of the year, then when we will have time to really research our ancestors, we won’t be able to afford it! I have been a member for many years, I can’t even remember when I started but I think the price back then was only $75. With so many people subscribed now you might think the price would come down instead of climbing up each year.

  30. I have been reading all the above and thought until now that I was the only one that thought the subscription was overpriced. I live in a very rurual area and this is the only way I can get the information or do the research I need. However, my interest is getting less every day. Of course, I still have dial up (nothing else available in my area) and it’s very time consuming waiting on the downloads. It wouldn’t be to bad if the cost did not keep rising.
    However, I will say, my subscription has NEVER been renewed until I received a phone call from them. But as noted above, the phone rep did not seem very interested in my concerns of the high price.
    Don’t know if I’ll renew – will have to wait and see.

  31. I am very confused as to just what I am subscribing to: My credit card account shows:
    MFI Ancestry Fam H YR 800-262-3787UT #0706 $US39.95 $Aus53.66
    This has recently been paid by automatic deduction:
    Notice from you says I can no longer belong to what?????
    Please let me know just what my account entitles me to??????
    Please reply- it is very difficult communicating with you
    Judith Hiatt
    [email protected]

  32. OK Folks I am with a lot of you. I am confused, unable to find an answer, and having to re-enter hours of information. If you really look closely on just about all genealogy search pages, look for UT. Remember the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints free site in Salt Lake City, UT guess what; I think we were helping to establish this genealogy money eating monster. Slowly but surely they have absorbed our information, and now we are paying for it. The free sites are disappearing being eaten by the monster. Now my really big complaint: changed formats on the way we could save our searches to My Ancestry. Now we have a shoebox to save it to, or we can save to a Family Tree on the Ancestry Site, but then you can’t download it into your personal Family Tree Maker 16. So I spent money purchasing new updated software (this is my 2nd Family Tree Maker software) UT shows up again and now am having to do all the inputting of my individuals. a joke, they said to go to the advanced options on family tree…don’t show up for me. Made my tree public, thought I could search for it, then download as I do other family trees, my must be in cyber space. I have spent hours trying to download my own Family Tree information I input and now I am having to retype all of this information into my Family Tree Maker 2006. If a poll was taken, most of your researchers are retired, on fixed incomes trying to complete their years and years of work. Big business this Genealogy quest. Guess it is time to use the computer at the library.

  33. Ancestry, do you see these complaints? Why don’t you address them by answering, either here or on your website. People have legitimate concerns and deserve to have some answers from you.
    Please don’t bite the hand that feeds you!

  34. I am looking forward to still more divisions in your records for
    new fees. Might I suggest: All records of left-handed people will cost an additional 75.00 per year and all records of right-handed people will cost an additional 100.00 per year. The chopping of records into separate, money-seeking groupings resembles a pyramid scheme.
    I am sure others (especially those on your staff) will think of still more enterprising cut-ups.
    Otherwise, I appreciate a few of your databases.

  35. I have to agree–New is NOT always better. I enjoy genealogy so very much but my time and money are limited. When I could input a name and all types of sites were available under many different headings —it was my choice which ones I went to and in what order. Now–I am not sure where to look or how to get where I need to be.
    I have been contacted everytime a subscription was to be renewed and believe it is better to have all things together–just not charged for everything I want to find.

    What happens when I no longer have a charge card to be billed ?

    Where do we go to get answers to our questions???

  36. I have a US Delux subscription and the only images I can view is the census. Nothing else works!!! I cannot view any images on any database. This is my umpteen complaint. HELP.

  37. I am so exasperated at this point I hardly know where to begin. I think I need a researcher from your end to give the information I have on my mother. I can find no where to even put her name after 1930. The census is not available for 1940. Prison records are shown no where, she appears on no SS death records. No where am I allowed to put all three of her last names to help identify her. I’m a novice and all the help I’m able to access from you is how much I owe to renew. I don’t know what I have until I try a site and am either accepted in or locked out.

    My best results lately have been in the Great Britain records. The problem there is I need very old information for the Isle of Jersey and there seems to be nothing.

    I am retired, on fixed income and to a large extent house bound, but if you make promises and take my money that makes me a part of Ancestry and therefore entitles me to respect and acknowlement as an important contributor to your well being.

    You are always kind when I speak with one of you, but getting to one of YOU is extremely difficult. I’m a novice. if I could afford a researcher I would. That said I think anyone who reads this understands that I am dependent on you and need your help.

    Please respond,

    Mary Lou Stockton

  38. my complaint is the same the site has gotten quite pricey and the service is some times less than desirable. The costumer service some times just flat sucks you can not get senseable answers and they much much to blunt.So much for that part when if ever will the site add new informatiom on some of the Southern State Texas,Mississippi,LA.OK. do we not deserve anything new occasionally are has every thing already been added , right. more negative comments later

  39. A couple of years ago I was contacted by and Ancestry representative informing me that it was time to resubscribe and asking if I wanted them to charge it to the credit card they had on file for me. I said NO, that I wanted to send a check and did NOT want my credit card charged. Also I had 2 months yet left of my subscription. Imagine my surprise when the charge showed up on my credit card. I am still a subscriber, but I no longer feel they are the reputable company I thought they were.

  40. I am a member of the Ancestry World Deluxe, or whatever it is called. I have only been working on this around a year, but I have spent a lot of time putting my information into OneWorldTree. So apparently changed the format without providing a way for us to transfer our information into the new format, meaning we have to start from scratch? This is extremely time consuming and difficult, especially since I have never found a way to print out a chart from the OneWorldTree to refer to for information. Additionally, I recently bought Family Tree Maker 2006. Right after I installed it, I was told I should upgrade to v16, so I did. So I’ve got the OneWorldTree, the new family tree format on Ancestry, my Family Tree Maker, and also a GeD file from my uncle I want to consolodate with my tree. However, I have no idea how to consolidate all my information from to the Family Tree Maker software, and vice versa. I have no idea how to move the stuff from my OneWorldTree to my new tree in the new Ancestry format. I have no idea how to consoldate GeD files into my tree. I have not idea how to connect two trees that should be one. I have no idea how to print out a chart from either of my trees on Ancestry, or even if it is possible (which is kind of crazy if you ask me if it’s not possible). And no one will answer my e-mails begging for help. Not even a form letter. I have combed through all the FAQ and answers, and none of it has answered my questions. I can’t call during the listed times that people are supposedly available to help, so I have have not had the opportunity to be frustrated in that way. The ability to access information in is great, which is why I joined, but the software is so so so user unfriendly. And there is just no excuse to not answer e-mails, unless their e-mail system actually doesn’t work and they are not getting them (which sort of wouldn’t surprise me). Just some good technology and customer service is all I am asking for.

  41. The new format does totally suck. You need to click,click, click, and click to get to the state and county site to search for a person in a certain county. Otherwise you end up with hundreds of names you don’t need. You might as well e-mail to a brick wall when trying to get a response from Ancestry. I keep my subscription to Genealogy.Com because I sometimes find census records there that doesn’t show up on Ancestry search – another way of making a profit? I have also noticed Ancestry has done away with some databases or lost some of the information in their databases. On the other hand, it is the best site to find numerous sources to fill in the blanks we all have. They’re thinking it’s like the price of gas. We need it and want it, so we’ll pay whatever and put up with their fooling around with the format and what databases they choose to include.

  42. I too not happy with Ancestry . they got me to buy the delex saying that I can see Records Canada, England, Scotland put all I get is the same as before a name and date even on the census so you can’t be sure it’s the one you are looking for. They need to put the whole census like the do the U.S. Census.I know this is my last year.

  43. I was excited at the thought of finally having time to get back into my genealogy search. After coming on to these entries and knowing the problems I had before with, I am not certain I want to spend my hard earned money on a nightmare. I think I will postpone joining again. It is too bad that Ancestry has developed such a bad reputation. Like Grandma said, “Some people just get too big for their britches.”
    Too sad!

  44. I am with the otheres that think upgrading is out of the question…I barel can afford what I have…seems everytime something good and new comes to Ancestry it requires more money. I realize you will give a refund on what we already have.but most of us can’t do the amount required out of pocket…..some are on a fixed income and are just now having the time to do research.Please reconsider ht “grand” amount you want for the services.
    We have a rather large tre and have not put it on One World Tree, now am reconsidering that too.

  45. I have just finished reading the 45 complaints to you about upgrqdes, etc. My question is: Why, after 45 comments, there still is no rebuttal from the HQ of I think a clear, logical response should be forthcoming in an attempt to justify or find excuses for the many unhappy commentaries!!

  46. Ditto about 44 times to the above comments. I have already requested Ancestry.Com NOT renew my subscription again. At first gradually, now by leaps and bounds, we are blocked, locked, kept from accessing data we need which we believed to have been paying for. I’ve been a subscriber to Ancestry for years, but cannot/willnot pay the fee for less avenues of search each year.

  47. I too have found that I have no access to records I thought were included in my subscription. I HATE YOUR NEW FORMAT. Soon, Ancestry will be like their ugly, jumbled-up sister company, How about a concise, easy-to-read price list?

  48. There is no need for me to say all I am thinking about the changes in Ancestry. It has been said 48 times before I began typing.

    I don’t expect a response, but why have you changed the format to one so user-UNfriendly?

  49. I e-mailed you weeks ago about the format. I don’t like it either, for most of the reasons stated above. You never responded. I use Ancestry everyday. I have a Deluxe World Subscription. I miss the Ahnentafel. I printed them out and used them to further my trees after checking them against other historical records. I also don’t like that the search that is way too board. And…I am afraid I might not be able to afford a subscription if it gets any higher. I may have to share a subscription with a cousin.

  50. There isn’t much left to say, the above pretty well says it all.I went for a year or two, I subscribed but didn’t use very much. When I did, it was great the things I could access and use as clues. Then, it got harder and harder to figure out what was going on with the information.
    Unfortunately, some people will continue to subscribe and nothing will be done. For me, I am fast approaching the point that it is either medicine each month or Ancestry.I wish you all the best of luck and good hunting, while you can.

  51. A question and comment. Who owns Ancestry and are they publicly traded? If their finanical income is being plowed into research and development and technical improvements is one thing, but if they are being used to pay executives and sales reps mulitmillion bonuses it is another.

    Next, I am a very busy person and have little time to currently invest in genealogy research, however there are occasional times when I have a few hours. I wish there was a metered offering (I would spend only about 10-20 hrs per year). For someone like me $300 per year cost is not reasonable (works out to be $15-$20/hr.)

  52. I subscribed a couple of times but resented the automatic renewal. No one ever called me although it appears others have been notified when their subscription was due to expire. I occasionally use Ancestry at a Family History Library and agree with others that the format is confusing and often a waste of time. If I search for a name in a particular state, I expect to see information in only that state. Instead, I have to wade through information of no interest to me. I have toyed with the idea of subscribing so that I would have the convenience of researching at home, but all of the above complaints have reinforced my decision to find other methods of research. Does anyone at Ancestry even read these complaints?

  53. please honor those of us who have been loyal
    with answers to the many complaints.I was informed of renewal,also the person I dealt with about renewal was very efficient and very personable. His name was James. On the other hand what can be done about the messy format? Please treat us as family and answer.

  54. I, too, am confused about my subscription. When I was a member before I paid monthly. This time I subscribed for a 12 day free period and was charged for a month. Now I have been charged for a year.

    I am still learning how to use the program and do not know what people are talking about when mentioning different options of information memberships. Until I read their comments I thought there was only one type of membership. I believe that I am not a novice nor a pro but I do have trouble navigating as some of the buttons are not easy to find.

  55. Ancestry your lack of communication and customer service stinks. Your Help is a joke.
    It’s wonderful that you keep adding databases, but it won’t be enough to save you when you really get some competition. And $300 a year is exorbitant, and probably will only go up. How many of us ever spent that much on genealogical fact finding trips?

  56. Well! Just finished reading all the critiques and I’m floored that there have been no answers posted. Is this spot just for us to let off steam and go away? Well, I will continue my subscription until I get to the end of the line, then go travel and visit relatives, graveyards, and county archives and forget I have been able to print out all the info on relatives I’ve gathered, so will make my own ‘tree’. Because of all these comments, I will not be a long-time member, that’s for certain. Are you listening, Probably not.

  57. And I too thought I was the duffer who could NOT work out the site, information and subscriptions!!!!!!
    Not a silly Aussie – just a confused one like all of the above!!!
    Come on Ancestry you have our money – now give us some answers to all the above comments and complaints!

  58. Wow, I am just getting started creating a family tree and was considering a subscription to Ancestry. After reading all of the above it is certainly not going to happen!

  59. I’ve put in an inquiry to Ancestry about the streamlined fee structure. My understanding now is that there are just two price tiers, U.S. Deluxe ($155 or so) and World Deluxe ($350 or so). Currently my subscriptions are (all annual) OneWorldTree, U.S. Records Collection, U.S. Immigration Collection, U.S. Census Images and Indexes, UK & Ireland Records Collection. Last year I paid $200 for all these. I’m pretty happy with what I have, but now under the new structure I’d have to shell out $350 to keep the UK census? Obviously, a la carte was a much better system. Ancestry claims streamlining the subscriptions reduced confusion. I say it’s an easy way to squeeze more money from subscribers.

  60. I thought I was the only one confused and now broke after a huge deduction of R844.28 from my credit crd account. I felt terrible when my credit card was declined just before christmas when purchasing a gift for my husband and my credit card was declined. Why? A huge amount was deducted from my credit card without my knowledge or authority!!!! How can I contact sum one to have my account credited… I logged on and used my credit card details to get a trial programme. Is there an email address I can raise my concerns. Phoning from south africa to get this sorted is going to cost a fortune. Can anyone PLEASE HELP.

  61. I noticed that I have a debit on my bank account to the sum of £9.95 0n the 10/Janruary I cannot remember signing up to this and wish for it to be cancelled I hope you will oblige.
    Regards Mr W Taylor

  62. This is the second E-mail that I have sent concerning the unsubscrition of my subs which were taken out of my bank account on the 10/Jan/07 and I have not recieved a reply.
    Will you please put this matter right.
    Regards Mr W Taylor

  63. I am not aware of signing up to this and I have never heard of the site. It seems you have many complaints about this. Please remove my name from your database and reimburse the £9.95 fraudulently taken from my credit card. Destroy any reference to the number too. How did you get it?

  64. I signed up for a 30 day free trial and then cancelled my subscription before going abroad on 29th December 2006.
    Now I find a debit on my Credit Card statement for £21.91 (representing US$41.07).
    Please reverse this payment and ensure that I am not charged any further amounts.
    Yours faithfully,
    Basil Longy

  65. I submitted a tree to Ancestry years ago, now it shows up on One World Tree. I can’t get them to remove it. There are a lot of errors and others are copying it. I can’t get anything from Ancestry except form letters.

  66. I Agree with all the commets in All these comments I have just read….and share the same experiences. Price Goes Up and You Remove Services, ect… We keep getting the Run around…What’s UP!! MORE $ and LESS Service…Not a Good thing or Idea! Don’t you listen to what your customer want or need,at least answers? Responses? ect.,or even input?
    I have One World Tree Subscription, I can’t really afford it, but you charged my Card No one Called me and am not Pleased with what is going on either.I will be sure it won’t happen next year..Will do a one time thing if I can figure out how to make the change.. That is if I decide to continue with you.
    I liked the * Question put to you RE: How About Sr. Discounts and Customer Loyalty Dicsounts to show Your Customers your Appriceation to those who have been with you for many years?
    … I Questions: *Is a part of “Generations Network”??? Or is this for * Can you explain what the difference is here?
    *What’s the difference in Ancestry Online and your other the Ancestry ? I have been with you for a number of years and each year it gets more confusing than ever.
    Please respond…
    I will comment more Later.

  67. I,
    signed up for the trial ,and cancelled before the trial date ended.You then deducted £69.95 and i again cancelled.I have just discovered you have deducted a further £79.95 on the 5th of december 07.I am outraged and want the money returned quickly or i will seek legal action against you.

  68. They really do suck. I paid them their hose-bag maximum fee which is something like $170 a year for US records and in the middle of my subscription period they changed the rules. Records that were accessible at the beginning of my subscription were no longer available, unless I subscribed to some new plan they had, and I could not get a refund for my existing plan. These people are criminals and white collar frauds masquerading as friendly family historians.

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