About Us

JulianaHosted by Ancestry.com, 24/7 Family History Circle, is a destination for anyone with an interest in family history–be it a passing interest or a raging passion. Long-time Ancestry.com newsletter editor, Juliana Smith, will be writing for the blog, and will include articles from family history columnists, George G. Morgan, Michael Neill, Megan Smolenyak, Maureen Taylor, Paula Warren, and Sherry Irvine, as well as the occasional guest columnist.

The Ancestry Weekly Journal is posted weekly on this blog, along with some unique content. At 24/7 Family History Circle, you’ll find helpful tips (from readers and from our regular columnists), how-to articles, research stories, and whatever else Juliana thinks might be of interest.

The majority of the content will be open to comments and we hope to hear from you, although we reserve the right to delete inappropriate postings.  

We expect that over time we’ll be making changes, and we welcome your input at: [email protected]