Photo Corner, 29 September 2008

Helen Dee McCuaig and Florence Contributed by Barbara Huard of Bali, Indonesia
This is a photograph of my aunts, Helen Dee McCuaig and Florence “Sandy” McCuaig, taken in Schreiber, Northern Ontario, Canada. Sadly, Dee died of tetanus after stepping on a rusty nail shortly after this photo was taken. Sandy passed away in 2005 at the age of 74.

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Mayr Family, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1895Contributed by Michael Mayr, Coloma, Wisconsin
This picture was taken on 2 June 1895 in Milwaukee, WI, for the baptism of Herbert W. Mayr. Included in the picture are Ida M (Winkel) Mayr, mother, Herbert W. Mayr, baptised baby, Michael George Mayr, boy in back, (my grandfather), Anton G. Mayr, boy in front, George Mayr, Father, and Otto Mayr sitting on his lap.

3 thoughts on “Photo Corner, 29 September 2008

  1. What a gorgeous christening Robe! A family of ancesters to be proud of Micheal.

    Such pretty little girls Barbara. How tragic to die so young of an affliction that is preventable these days. I think by their suntan they were used to playing outdoors. I can see the line on Dee’s arms below her pretty dress. Margaret in Australia

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