50 Million Holocaust Records Now Open to Public

Last November 50 million documents from the Holocaust held by the International Tracing Service (ITS) were opened to public access. Now Jewish family historians are finding the answers to questions that they thought would never be answered. An article on the collection and a trip by forty Jewish genealogists to survey and do research in the collection is online at Yahoo! News.

4 thoughts on “50 Million Holocaust Records Now Open to Public

  1. please can you explain why i can not find army records for my grandfather? Noah levy steingold 1914 war. i put in his number and what he did. and the regiment. nothing but the medals from kew in london england. i am trying to trace my russian polish, and german familys. i am going to warsaw place of birth, 25th of may but would like a little info before i go. his father israel levy steingold poland or russian birth his grandfather isaac levy, polish or russian birth. his mother rachel russian birth warsaw but no maiden name two brothers names havent found and a sister. a grandmother who came to england with them but no name known. any help or suggestions i would be grateful. kind regards linda.

  2. Have you used the Jewishgen webpage and checked their Polish database? My family has a similar background to yours. If you wish to email me more specific information such as birthdate of Noah etc. I will gladly check some databases for you.


  3. I’m looking for information on Schmuel RUDGIN (or anglicized variations such as ROTKIN). He was born about 1909 in Tavrick, Lithuania and died in Siberia (where he had been exiled) in 1943.

  4. Hello Marion, i am sorry i did not get back till now .my Grandfather Noah levy Steingold born Warsaw 1889 his father POLAND , iSRAEL Levy Steingold his father Isaac levy Steingold his .Noah,s mother Rachel have not found out her maiden name. ISAAC born 1831 poland HIS SON Israel born 1851, his wife Rachel 1854 born in Warsaw. we CAN NOT FIND ANY TRACE OF iSAAC coming over with them,his mother did but have not found out his name. if you can help thankyou kind regards linda.ps I have found his army records

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