Group Photograph: Jacob Glass and Friends

German Immigrants and oil field workers,1895.jpgContributed by Larry Paul Glass
Jacob Glass is the second son of my great grandfather, Augustus Glass, a German immigrant, and is my grand-uncle. This isw a photograph of Jacob and his friends, who worked the oil fields of northwestern Pennsylvania in 1895. Jacob is in the upper left of the photograph.

2 thoughts on “Group Photograph: Jacob Glass and Friends

  1. It appears that the two younger men sitting on the left and right – have carnations in or near their lapels. Both have “unusal” hats – the hat on the one on the right seems to have stripes similar to that of a Fraternity “Beanie”.

    Could this have been a “commencement” photo of some sort. A look into the types of “Prep Schools” in the Northeastern part of PA may be helpful. The older men standing behind the “preppies” with their hands on the shoulders of the younger men could perhaps be their sponsors? It might be this is one entire family?

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