Checking Out Local Papers

This week as I browsed through my local newspaper, I was reminded of how helpful it can be to check newspapers from the areas in which your ancestors lived. Our paper runs a series called “Past Times” and it includes headlines from seventy-five, fifty, twenty-five, twenty, ten, and five years ago, as well as an old photograph. This week’s photo was a beautiful old photograph of fifty-five children who had made their First Communion at St. Mary’s Byzantine Catholic Church in Whiting, Indiana, in 1918. Even in the newsprint, the faces were very clear.


2 thoughts on “Checking Out Local Papers

  1. One of our local newspapers The Chelsea Reporter runs an old photograph each week and people call in and identify the location and people in there. Have some interesting photos also. This newspaper comes from Chelsea, Rogers County, Oklahoma.

  2. Oh, to be sure. I’m in the FortWorth/Dallas area and my visits to the libraries include my vacation times in the 1920’s newspapers. Those were interesting years and much more than “roaring” to me.

    If you’re interested in more facets of newspaper research, I’ve a presentation on it at my web site: and it’s FREE.

    Happy Dae.

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