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Yesterday we launched two new projects, Kent, England, Tyler Index to Wills and California State Library WWI Soldier Death Announcements

The Tyler Index to Wills contains a lot of fun records.  As many of you know Frank Watt Tyler indexed many genealogically relevant records and this one is a treasure.  There are pages with descendancy charts, will abstracts and other records.   It is rated Average due to the handwriting challenges and variance in record types.

And the California Soldier Death Announcements is a heart wrenching project.  The newspaper clippings contain the details of death announcements received by the family and of local soldiers listed in the Death Lists.  You will need to read through the entire clipping to gather information but in general it doesn’t take long to get through an image set.

Happy keying!

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Where can you see how many points you’ve accumulated for the challenge?

I have been working on the WWI California Death idex. Doing this has opened my eyes to what these men sacrificed for our country. I have even shed a few tears reading some of these articles. I Know it sounds strange but i have enjoyed inputting this information for others to gain more knowledge about their family members who served our coutry faithfully. I also have learned more over all History I never knew about. Thanks.

I was amazed at how many men passed away due to illness – it brings to light the conditions of how they were living.

Anna: This does not have to do with this project, but I am using this as a means to report to you that the keying program has several flaws and some projects cannot be keyed because the program freezes and becomes non-responsive. I have reported this several times but I get the answer that they know about this and nothing else. I have deleted and reinstalled the keying tool several times but there is no change. So, I am very frustrated. I just completed keying 89 records of the US Postmaster appointments which took me over four hours and I cannot get past the first image in the set. I have managed to key over 5,000 records of the Kansas GAR in spite of the keying program slowing me down to a snails pace. It is very discouraging.