New Projects! Crisp’s Marriage Indexes and NSW, Returns of the Colony

Congratulations!  I hope you’re all having fun keying the London, England, Crisp’s Marriage Licences Index.  The records I’ve keyed have beautiful handwriting, as I hope they all do (they have been very easy to key).  Many of the pages have not survived as well as the ink though so you will likely see some torn or crumbled pages.  With the project only 1% complete there is still plenty of work left.

The second project we released today is the New South Wales, Australia, Returns of the Colony (Blue Books), 1822-1857.  Even though we aren’t keying them it is interesting to read through the lists of provisions and regulations.  These records are a little more difficult to read due to both the handwriting and quality of the images.  Although the handwriting can’t be helped the images can be adjusted, us the Image Options button in the toolbar, to make them much easier to read. 

Join me on Twitter today from 11 – noon MT for a new project Keying Party.  This is a chance to try out the new projects and ask any questions you encounter as you key.   I hope to see you there!

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3.     In the Twitter search box (about halfway down your Twitter homepage on the right hand side), search for #awap and then save the search.

4.     Open up your AWAP Keying Tool, download some image sets and start keying.  (Don’t have the keying tool yet? Go here to download it and join in the fun.)


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Reader Comments

Im just glad all projects are going to be released between now and the end of this year. So Everyone Wins!

I was voting for the New Mexico Census.But I’m very happy to do the Crisp’s.Really beautiful records.
Some of the older ones look to be on Vellum.
Most of them,not all,are easy to read.Thanks Ancestry for adding them to the project.

I was also voting for the New Mexico Census, but they will be released very soon thankfully!

I had some where the ink was (very) faded and some of the paper missing so they are not all easy

I hope that they can work in the the 1700 in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland. Thank you this is the area that I have been looking for a long time .