Keying Tool Update, Version

Just a few minutes ago we launched a new version of the keying tool that has a few items I am really excited about. 

  • Enhanced International language pop-up (It has about twice as many characters, and has a new look.)
  • Image sizes have been adjusted to 50% – this should keep you from having to constantly adjust your zoom rate.
  • The Online Help links will lead to the wiki articles vs the Ancestry help.
  • And we have fixed a variety of pesky bugs in both keying and arbitration.

If you have feedback, or encounter difficulties, please email the support team,


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Reader Comments

Thank you for image size adjustment to 50% it so much easier to arbitrate.

About 30 or 40 min. ago I submitted completed keying. The new keyingn tool came up for installation. After completing it said there was a problem. My whole World Archives project icon left my computer.

What should I do now????

That is an impressive expansion of international characters.
Good to see the haceks.

But I didn’t find the french oe.The two letters pushed together.

Glenda, you could go to the dashboard and try to download the keying tool again.
It’s at the bottom of the page.

Size adjustment to 50% is OK.

But it would be nicer to be able to select your own size as some documents are better at 100 or 75 or 50 depending on what you are arbriating.

I just tried installing the new keying tool. Does the setup.exe come from I have run it two times, and I keep getting the message that I need to install the new keying tool. I’m worried that I might have let in a bogus program to my computer. It did say it was version

Cornelis, that’s so odd that there is no œ, I remember asking….

At least with œ you can write oe. English and French both. (hardly ever used in American English, British English sometimes)

Vincent, Yes, c.mfcreative is A legit Ancestry server.

International dialog box is a good idea. Too bad it does not work correctly.

Approximately one half of the characters are not saved in the batches an cannot be passed on to arbitration. Not can they be passed from arbitration to final. I cannot include attachments here so see my messages on the main board an in the keying tool board.

@#$% it, I had 2 sets of London School records entered and saved them to do the corrections, downloading the new keying tool has wiped them off the program, not happy!!!

I seem to be having the same problem as Vincent. I’m getting the error message; ‘This application failed to start because ngFromGUID2.dll was not found. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem’.
I haven’t a clue what that means & in all the keying tool updates I’ve downloaded this is the first to fail…HELP!!!

My update and everything went fine but the dictionary for the surnames seems to have disappeared and even the most common surnames aren’t being recognized. Is there any way I can fix that?

Had an entire set of keyed items, and World Archives project could not detect internet and upload them after the upgrade. Had to download the program again and lost all information.

If your sets are not showing after the update, try to do the install again and click repair.

Love the size adjustment to 50%. Saves a lot of time and is just perfect to key and arbitrate.

Type your comment here.

The 50% size is fine, but I noticed right away that the tool still doesn’t recognize many common rank abbreviationsp
that we’ve been asking for – Corpl and 2d Lieut are a few of the ones we’ve been asking for over & over. (and sorry for the blank comment above – hit the wrong button…)

Adjusting the image to 50% may have worked for some projects, but for mine, it means I now have to adjust the size back to 100%. Could we please have a way of setting our own preferred size?

I would like to see the highlights turned off on default.

International characters bug update

There is a new Version that fixes this bug. It is important that the update be applied for those who work international sets.

Vis a vis my download problem in message #10. The support team suggested I download from the site, which I did & it worked!

Thank goodness Paul mentioned update to 1.1.073 in his post at 19. I’ve just had to do another Update today to access the Project and thought I was going to have problems.

I did have a “side by side configuration incorrect” report (whatever that means) yesterday and now again today. However when I clicked on the shortcut again, I had a Configuration box open and it now all seems OK.

I would still like to have the facility to match records on all images before arbitrating. So frustrating to wade through 40 or so records and then to have to reject because the second image has not been keyed.

Still need to update blacksmith, trumpeter, 2d Lieut.

Continually getting error message, Keying Tool stopped working. Freezing up in the middle of keying a record. After downloading the program again and choosing repair, it still doesn’t work.