New Projects! Canada, Nominal Rolls and Paylists for the Volunter Militia, 1872-1914 and Lübeck Census 1862

Yesterday we launched two new projects – the Canada, Nominal Rolls and Paylists for the Volunteer andLübeck Census, 1862.

The Canada Nominal Rolls and Paylists collection comprises records for that kept track of the pay for the volunteer militia.  When I keyed my first few image sets I came across a list of what each rank should be paid – the lines that caught my attention were how much the bugler made, which was more than some men, how much was allocated for the horses feed,  which was more than most officers were paid, and of course the medical staff who also made more than most, which in my opinion is rightfully so since I wouldn’t want someone who wasn’t qualified (qualifications are correlated to their pay, right?) working on me.  This is a relatively large collection and is rated as Average based on paleography and the number of form types to identify.  And since I am Canadian I of course want to put a plug in for keying Canadian content…we are far behind many countries in allowing records to be publicly available so I am always interested in any Canadian content being online!   (I know there are a few contributors working on the project already, we just need a few more to join us. :))

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And wow, the 1862 Lübeck Census is the 8th Lübeck collection we have released – there are two additional collections available, 1851 and 1857, and five others are In Processing.  These records enumerate the names of each member of the household, age, birthplace, and relationship to the head of household. Included on the records are street addresses, occupation/status, marital status, and religion.  Don’t let the German scare you away, as can be seen in the Average rating this project is not too hard to key, although having some German language skills will help you.

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Happy keying!

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Could I just say that with the Canadian Militia Project the fact that the language is given on the Download Board as “francais” could deter some people from doing this. Those I have done so far have all been in English.

The Canadian Militia Project looks interesting. I often get tired of Michigan Passenger Lists so I will give this a try. I’ve become so adapt at reading the early script these will be a challenge if for nothing else the different forms.

I am Canadian also, so I will give it a try.

[…] you read the World Archives blog you may have caught Anna’s post last week announcing the two new projects we released for keying – Canada, Nominal Rolls and […]

My Aunt has done extensive work and background research on her father and mothers geneology. Her mother was born in Ontario, so this project should certainly help her out with researching family history of the French and Chippewa in our lineage.

I am glad to continue with more Luebeck Census. When they are finished will there be more census from other regions? I know the Germany we know today was very fragmented, but the landowners al kept records in order to ceollect taxes. i e the kings dukes estate owners.