Monday Milestones: Fun Facts About The Ancestry World Archives Project

There are currently 32,000 + people registered to contribute to the Ancestry World Archives Project.  Over 63% of you live in the United States and more than 23% of you live in Great Britain.  The remaining 13% of you hail from a total of 92 other countries.


Collectively, you key an average of 1.9 million records and arbitrate an average of 1.1 million records every month.


You are currently working on 47 active projects.  Twenty-five of them are U.S. projects.  Six of them are U.K. projects. The rest contain records from seven other countries.


The latest project released to you for keying was the New South Wales, Australia Police Gazettes.


You have completed keying and arbitrating 16 projects that are currently in post-production here at  Three of them are U.S. projects.  Five of them are U.K. projects.  The other eight represent four additional countries.


Our latest project completed and posted live to is the Nebraska State Census, 1860-1885.  This is the 10th project to be completed and posted, half of them from the U.S., the other half from the U.K., Canada, and Germany.


Our oldest keyer is 93.


Our youngest keyer is 18. (Because according to our Terms and Conditions you have to be at least that old.)


We appreciate every single one of you!


Until next time – Happy Keying!


P.S. – We sent out a brief survey to our active keyers this past week.  If you have not received that survey, or haven’t yet had a chance to complete it, please take a moment to do so now by clicking the link below.  The more information we have from you, the better we can make this program for everyone.  Thanks!

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Reader Comments

Thank you for allowing me to be a small part of these important projects. I love being a part of something that will record these images in a format that people can search through, and find something important to their family.


What a great feeling that is.

Much credit should go to those whose helpful hints permit us to add records with a minimum of errors!

how can I do this when I know so little and what I know is confusing.

I have only being doing this for 2 months but really enjoy keying the records. The articles and info that you post is very interesting. I appreciate the fact that these records are being perserved and thanks to all the keyers around the world. Thanks to Ancestry for enabling us to be a part of this.

Im a very new keyer but being able to work on this collaborative project is a great way to learn. Im blown away with the total number of people contributing to this project. Thanks for the great projects.

Thank heavens for I love keying for the site. I am so grateful that I have finally found a way to “give back”, since cash seems to be limited. But, I can key. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity. It has brought new meaning to my life. I look so forward to keying. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I don’t want to repeat things too much but I too feel so much better now that I can put something back into the system other than my subscription.
It has also opened my eyes to the numbers of records available. Many of us think of BMD data and a few others but not the more intricate things.
I am so pleased to be able to help others as they help me. Thank you for giving me the opportunity.

Now that the Illinois Naturalization Index has been completed would you know how soon it will be available on

I enjoy the updates you post. I started keying early in January (I think) and I find it a rewarding way to fill up small periods of time during the day. Since I have used Ancestry exhaustively for my own research, I enjoy knowing that I am giving back.

I feel very pleased to be a part of this, as without other keyers, I would not have been able to find so many of my relatives on my family tree.

I just started keying and I do enjoy it, however I find that there are so few “easy” projects that I am getting discouraged. I believe with practice I can try some harder ones.
I also feel that there should be some projects that have more local interest. Such as B, M & D records in the US. Also it would be an incentive to get more keyers if there were more “easy” projects to get them started.