Additional U.S. Military Post project released

We were excited to release a new project yesterday!  Earlier in September we partnered with NEHGS (New England Historic Genealogical Society, the oldest genealogical organization in the U.S.) and they are sponsoring the RI, NJ, CT – Returns from US Military Posts, 1800-1916 collection.    As I was preparing for the release of this collection I keyed quite a few image sets (there’s only one image in a “set”) – it was a little challenging to decipher the ranks and some of the handwriting made me wonder if I needed to have my eyes checked again, but they really were pretty simple forms to key.  There is variance in what the forms look like but finding the information and names to key was always easy.  So when you are looking for something new to key, or if you want a change of pace from your favorite project, take a few minutes to key an image set or two, you may just find a new favorite project. 

For additional help information you can view all of the field helps on the project page, read over the help article, or dicuss your questions with other contributors on the message board.

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Reader Comments

The post returns are front and back page, so just having one page per image set has been a problem. Keyers are getting burnt on the details, as in how the ranks are abbreviated or how marks are used on ranks and units.

On the other hand, what history is presented in these returns. Almost every officer can be found on the Internet, which I use to check spelling. There is even a pdf for each graduating class at West Point.

I have keyed 2 of these records so far. After I complete the Header section I add another section for the next person on the list, but another Header section comes up. What am I doing wrong??

After entering the header information you should see the fields where you enter the information for the personnel. Only one section should be used for each image.

I appreciate your feedback and will pass it along to the rest of our team.

I would suggest standards for ranks and units. We are presented with things like 2d Lieut, 2 LT, 2′ Lieut’. Then there are the abbreviations for brevet. Sergeant can be Sgt, Sgnt, Serg’t. Will know what the units names really are, but get to choose from 2 Cav, 2′ Cav’y, 2d Caval’. After the Civil War the units would insert US. The regiments known to be Artillery, Cavalary, Dragoons, Infantry, etc. It does not improve the database with many combinations of names.

The record rows are not showing; and when I try to add a row it appears grayed out.
I sent a note to WAP. Waiting for the reply.

Chet, there is an issue with screen resolutions set at 800×600 or below.

try increasing the resolution to 1024×768 or more.

WAP is aware of the issue, I have been told that they are “working on it”.

Thanks, Paul
I just needed to adjust the depth of keying space using the tiny dotted double line in the center of the page.

what do we do about the duplicate names listed under gains or losses and I have run across aka’s and don’t know how to enter if needed