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Jenn has been involved in the World Archives Project for the past few months and will now be taking a more active role in support.  She has been with Ancestry for many years and has been involved in indexing and quality the entire time.  Jenn admires you and appreciates all that you contribute and the time you put into indexing.  She is excited to get to know even more about the World Archives Project and to interact with you all!


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I have a question, rather than a comment. How long to reviews continue? Last year, around April of 2020, when I was transcribing a from the Belfast newspaper, I inadvertently hit submit rather than new page and missed the obituaries. I have already received about 20 comments telling me I missed the obituaries and I’m STILL receiving comments telling me I missed the obituaries. I am very sorry I missed them.

Mary, is it possible that you have missed keying the obituaries many times? They usually appear on a separate page from the BMD notices and have a heading OBITUARIES. You have to look all through each page in case they are there. A lot of keyers do miss keying them.

I’m indexing the Austral Newspaper Vital Notices. I see in the death Notices that sometimes there are multiple notices for the same person by different loved ones. Do I mark the multiple notices as a blank row and enter that persons information just once?

Bob, if you read the Keying Tips pop up which appears when you open an image set for that project, you will see that it says “If more than one notice appears for the same person for the same event type together on the image, key these notices as one record, combining any information given.”

Don’t add a blank row, just go on to key the next one afterwards.

This is not really the right place to ask this kind of question – better to go to the message boards. There is a link to the message boards at the beginning of that same Keying Tips popup. If you don’t get the popup, just click on Help > View Project Instructions while you have an image set open.

Thank you Kate!

Mary, It sounds like you may be looking at the same survey result. It will appear for a while after the review is complete.

Bob, Kate is a great resource. The link to the message board is https://www.ancestry.com/boards/wap.aus.newspapers

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TyWohfert, crane, gossmannpe, grey, hjll,

I was just coming to the end of transcribing a document when it suddenly started submitting itself. So now it’s there, but not complete, this is a problem 🙁

I have a question rather than a comment. I have been keying the Australian newspapers for a number of months and they have many entries for each set. However my statistics have been reducing all that time. Is there something wrong with the stats system or has my new computer blocked the recording of these?

Type your comment here.Your statistics system is not working! I decided to stop any entries until it’s fixed and updated. Pretty discouraging when you have put a lot of time and effort into entering data.

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je ne maitrise que la langue française.
Mon anglais est balbutiant et inutilisable pour cette tâche.
Comment participer ?

I have completed ten image sets but I can’t submit them nor can I download any new ones to work on. Help!!!!

Hello. I am new to keying and I am checking in. I am finding death notices with no actual year date in the article. It looks as if it is a clipping submitted. I have selected the option of change and captured the image because it would be interesting to read. Am I doing this correctly? My understanding of the instructions is to only key in articles with dates and names in them. Also, I am finding articles written however, there are no birthdates nor death dates associated in the article. Do I just capture that also since it has nothing in the bottom fields for me to key in? Shouldn’t there be additional fields such as author and date written and possible what it is written about as a summary? It seems a waste of reading if there is nothing in the fields pertaining to the articles written. Thanks for getting back to me. I want to be sure I am doing this correctly.

Tina, it sounds as though you are working on the Alabama Surname Files. Is that right? If so then if there is a partial death date, such as day and month with no year, it still counts as a date and should be keyed. If there is no “vital date” at all, it is Capture. There is a message board dedicated to the project which would be better to use than this for any more queries that you may have. Sorry, I tried to post a link to the message board but I got “awaiting moderation” so my link may never appear. But when you open an image set to key, a box pops up with project instructions and that includes a link to the message board. Or if you already have an image set open, click Help and then select Project Instructions.

I D/Ld the World Archives Project database entry program, got a page from the project, transcribed it all, and the “save” part fails.
I am not happy when the presented software does Not work.

Re Australian Newspaper Vital Records.
i think you seriously need to consider a further subdivision of these records to maybe 1-2 pages per record. Whilst easy to do, they commonly include 3-4 newspaper pages, each with anything from 100-250 individual records. In summary each record transcription takes hours. I have just been unfortunate to have a record returned to the general database after taking an estimated 6 hours plus to complete but since I exceeded the time allowed it has been returned for someone to start again. Time limits may be an efficient way to have some databases completed but with something this huge it becomes a little irrelevant. If you multiply that by the current record number which is in excess of 30,000 then it is currently going to take years to complete. I should know as I have been doing this for months now and very little progress has been made in reducing the number of data sheets. Hope my comments are considered Regards John Palmer

I am hoping someone can help me. I have been keying in records to the World Archives Project since 2009. The latest records that I have submitted don’t show up in my count. I need about 600 more records to be keyed so I can take advantage of the discount for my Ancestry membership which is due next month. Can you please help me.

been caring for my husband Eugene Daugherty Type your comment here. but am back now and have entered some entries in the Alabama any way mistake now are very few , thinking that someone could take a look and make sure , I am on the right track, thank you very much for having patience with me
Rebecca Sue Daugherty