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Currently contributors using Windows are experiencing difficulties with the links from the Project Instructions.  We are working on an issue we discovered where the links for the project page, and message board open in Explorer browser instead of the internet browser you have set up as default on your computer.  (Mac users are immune to this issue.)  When you click on the link it will look like an empty page has opened.  If you have Explorer disabled the links will not open a new window at all. 

To access the project page you can copy the URL and paste it in your preferred browser – we have seen no issue with Chrome, Edge, Safari or Firefox.  You can also go to Ancestry Support and search for the project. Clicking here brings you to the search results for World Archives Project.

We are working to resolve this issue and will let you know when all is working well again.



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This is a more general comment about the survey statements we receive. They really aren’t helpful, because you have no way of knowing what they refer to. I just submitted a data set and the survey reports ‘missed keying fields’, ‘did not key as seen’, ‘missed keying records on the image’ and ‘did not follow field instructions’. My accuracy rating is ‘exceptional’. Is there any way for us to see the errors we have made on a particular data set? I understand that it would be difficult and counter-productive for us to challenge them, so there would need to be an understanding that it was simply for training purposes. At the moment, I find it pretty demoralising and very unhelpful. It’s hard to prevent future specific errors when you don’t know what specific errors you actually made.

Totally agree with this. I am having survey comments for images I keyed 3/4 months ago and it is a real waste of time. If the people who do the survey can’t get it done with some speed perhaps who has the time should take their place. I cannot even access the project page for the project I’m going (which should be in English but it actually in French) I keep having messages that I’ve used the wrong form – there is only one to key with any information – so how come? I’m becoming increasingly irritated by not having any way to access the message board.