USHMM – Children in the Lodz Ghetto

Today we published a new indexing project – USHMM – Children in the Lodz Ghetto. This is a small collection containing registers of teachers and students in the Lodz Ghetto.  The handwriting can be difficult but the forms are easy to follow.

Happy indexing!

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Please help! I have been a contributor to WAP for years and all of a sudden, on both my lap tops, I get a Microsoft error message and I CAN’T get the tool to come up. You name it I’ve probably tried it. I searched online last night for two hours trying to find help and there really wasn’t anything as far as I can see. I’ve deleted, reinstalled, done this, done that. Very frustrating. I emailed WAP but am not sure how long that’s going to take. Any ideas or solutions? Thank you!

I just realized I posted under the Lodz project, my apologies.