Challenge Wrap-Up

We had a great challenge! Over the period of the  8 days we keyed and reviewed 20,872 image sets for a total of 349,803 records.

Here is a recap of the Top Keyers and Reviewers.

Challenge 1: Peggy S and Robert B

Challenge 2: Kathie G and Kerrie Z

Challenge 3: Anne W and Stanton B

Challenge 4:  Karen W and Jane F

Thank you to all who contributed!

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Reader Comments

So, if you key the same amount as winners but in different image sets, like Kansas city and county census and some records in the Illinois, Chicago and North Western RR, you lose. In other words, why doesn’t it go on the exact images keyed by that person?

Since these Challenges were focused on groups of projects the winners were those who keyed/reviewed the most total records from those projects. Some contributed to one project and others contributed to multiple projects.

I assume that I am the Stanton B listed as the winning reviewer in Challenge 3. I would like to get my DNA tested. How do I select and receive the prize?

Yes! It is you. I sent an email out – I was in Calgary so not on my typical network. Your prize selection is noted.


Maybe I am missing something obvious but where do people find out about the challenges? I only seem to see the posts about the winners but not about when they are or which projects are being focused on. I would love to participate and am finding it difficult to do so!

We post the Challenge information on the blog – then repost on the message board, Facebook and Google+.

General message board:


Google+: search for Ancestry World Archives Project and add to your circles.

Generally there is 1-2 days of notice before the Challenge starts.

And I forgot – the Facebook post automatically feeds through to Twitter.

I think we have all of the major social media sites covered. 🙂 If you don’t participate in any of them the blog is your best bet.

The Challenges are a great way to finish many of the Projects. I reviewed from the Chicago and North Western RR Project during the challenge. I felt like I was spinning my wheels and getting nowhere. The reason being is that it took nearly 2 minutes to download the next set of 4 records. The slow download did not happen before or after the Challenge. I noticed it took a very long time to see the results for #4 Challenge.