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I recently received an email asking about something that I haven’t thought about for a while.  Do you know all of the places where you can see your overall keying statistics?


profile stats

If you are not seeing your World Archives Project statistics on your profile you may have opted out of sharing this information. – check your Profile settings.

While I am not driven by my stats (but I will point out that I use numerous usernames) I do like to see how much I have accomplished over the years.  When I hit the 100,000 mark it was exciting.  Over the past 6 years we have accomplished a lot.  Be proud of the contributions you make – we are!

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Reader Comments

When I click on the link
I get an error message. Is there another way to access my Member Profile?

Sign in to Ancestry then scroll over your username (top right hand corner), Member Profile is the top menu selection.

There’s also another way to get them as well as your overall and last 90 days %s.
where you substitute your own username where mine (zapartmiller) is.

You’re right, you can access your statistics from the URL. Since it isn’t a pretty version we don’t refer to it. 😉

Is there any way to see how we do in individual projects? Its difficult to know where you go wrong in an overall percentage.

Your results should download on the right hand side of the project wiki/instructions which gives you the number of records keyed and your accuracy rating if your sets have been reviewed. If none have been reviewed you should show an “unknown” accuracy rating.
Unfortunately many of us currently are unable to get the stats to download, hopefully yours will.

My profile shows that I allowed World Archive Project to show my keying results on my profile. I still do not see it on my profile. Anything else I can do??? thanks

I’ve been indexing records for several months now. Once my stats reached 609 it has not moved at all and I have indexed a lot of records recently. Just curious as to if it’s the program or if it’s something else?