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The year is off to a great start!  We completed 65,472 image sets in January and surpassed that in February with 72,879 – split almost evenly between key and review.

And keeping you up to date with our projects that are 100% keyed:

Thank you for all that you contribute to the World Archives Project!

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Reader Comments

I love to index, but have not been able to for quite a while. This is my dilemma….the same projects have been available for quite some time. Several I may be interested in are in a different language and therefore eliminates them. A few newspaper sets are extremely hard to read…almost to the point of what’s the use trying. The Methodist church records, and a few others, are horribly written. And there are others I am simply not interested in or have done for so long at some point I have become bored with them. Is it not possible to get more diverse records or specific location, I am really interested in Wisconsin info as that is where I was born and my family is all located. Just need a change I guess. As I said I love indexing and would love to start up again.

The records from Puerto Rico really should be reviewed. They were obviously indexed by non-Spanish speakers because very common last names are indexed bizarrely. It is wonderful that people volunteered their time to do the records but as a researcher, it makes it difficult to find information when the names one is looking for are spelled nothing like the real name. I volunteer to do it! 🙂

I would like to echo the comments posted Jo Diaz. I was disappointed to find that the New Mexico records are no longer available for indexing. It is difficult for a researcher to find information when the names one is looking for look nothing like what I know.