Handwriting Webinar Follow-up

A few weeks ago we held a webinar on the topic of reading handwritten documents Рsomething we know can be challenging!  We had a great response from the World Archives Project community and I wanted to make sure everyone knew where they could view the archived webinars and access the presentation notes as they are a great resource.

Conquering the Challenge of Reading Handwritten Documents, Session I

Conquering the Challenge of Reading Handwritten Documents, Session II

Webinar notes

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Reader Comments

Hello Anna,

Are there transcripts available? I have a low bandwidth connection, so webinars are not an option.


C Starfire

I have bandwidth issues as well. When you watch normal videos on the internet, there is always the option to “pause” the video and let it slowly load in the background. Then you can watch it in entirety with no problems.

However, the Ancestry videos are Flash, and this option isn’t available, nor can we download to watch later.

This really limits the access for the low bandwidth users.


We do not have full transcripts available – but the notes do provide the details that were in the slide presentation. In a few months time when the hosting is provided by Ancestry, and not our vendor, it will be easier to view due to the difference in our technologies.

Old handwriting certainly is a challenge. I appreciate that handwritten records have been keyed by two individuals, and reviewed by an arbitrator in the case of a disagreement.

My question comes from having searched successfully for handwritten records in my own family tree using obvious misinterpretations of some letters. In my case, I found some records for ‘Bassler’ under ‘Baffler’.

To make it easier for other people searching for these same ancestors, is there some way to report such errors when found?

In general, once we (as a group) key and publish data, how do corrections make it into the system?