Projects Update

It has been a while since our last update so I am starting fresh.

Projects that are 100% keyed or really close:

  • California, Spanish Archive Records – 172 review image sets remaining
  • Savannah, Georgia, Select Board of Health and Health Department Records, 1822-1864, 1887-1896 – 249 review image sets remaining
  • USHMM – Czech Republic, Social Welfare and Repatriation Records of Holocaust Survivors, 1939-1948 – 384 review image sets remaining
  • Willamette, Oregon, Death Records, 1850-2006 – 1923 review image sets remaining
  • Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, The Ottawa Journal, 1885-1980 – 1954 review image sets remaining
  • U.S., Newspaper Extractions from the Northeast, 1790-1930 – 2442 review image sets remaining
  • Georgia, Control Register of Convicts, 1817-1976 – 4718 review image sets remaining
  • USHMM – Odessa, Ukraine, Selected Holocaust Records from Romanian Occupation during World War II – 5357 review image sets remaining
  • Savannah, Georgia, Licenses and Bonds, 1837-1909 – 5962 review image sets remaining
  • Liverpool, United Kingdom, Crew Lists 1860-1919 – 6178 review image sets remaining
  • Tulare County, California, Sheriff’s Office and Prison Records, 1874-1963 – 7290 review image sets remaining
  • Oklahoma, Indian and Pioneer Historical Collection and Index – 9447 review image sets remaining
  • Kansas, City and County Census, 1919-1978 – 15,893review image sets remaining
  • Oregon, Biographical and Other Index Card File – 18,095 review image sets remaining

*If you have keyed any of these collections and would like to review them please send us a note,*

This year we have contributed over 222,000 image sets for a total of 5,337,714 records!  We are doing amazing things.


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Reader Comments

I am distressed that the Odessa Holocaust records have been pulled. I believe that I have been the only one working on the project up to now, and the quality of my work could not be assessed for some reason. Now my summary shows only about 500 records done in the last 90 days — yesterday it was nearly 1900!
What is the reason for this?
Marion Bernstein

Type Why is it I don’t receive some of the recors for keying, I join to do some of the older US records. I have over 16,000 names in my database and understand a lot of the early Us records. I have been working on the Holocaust and picking up other records but I see a lot here I have never seen ?????

There are no longer keying image sets for the the projects listed in the post – only review image sets are remaining.

I will look into the record count decrease.

Marion: You are not alone in working on the Odessa records. I have keyed over 90,000 records; most of which are from that dataset. I would like to have it back also.

Just noticed that I too have lost a lot of record completions; about 30,000 or so. Also my average daily count has been hijacked.

where are you Sylvia This is Lincoln