Our new project this week is … Ireland, Marriages, 1771-1812

This is a smaller project and one that is already available on Ancestry – it was OCRed quite a few years ago.  Since this is not in a typical format you will want to review the images on the wiki page to assist you in deciphering what should be keyed.

Due to the size and nature of this project we are using it as a test for keying data that is split across images.  In the Project Instructions you will see the following instructions.

Split Records Sometimes a record will carry over to a second image. If both images are in your image set, key any record information found on the second image to the record started on the first image. If your image set does NOT contain the first image of a split record (i.e. the first image in your image set is the second image of a split record), you will need to key a new record and key any marriage information available. Try to identify marriage place, date, spouse, etc. Leave any information blank that cannot be identified, including the primary person’s name. 


If you have questions, feedback, concerns, etc please post them on the Discussion page or this message board thread.

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Reader Comments

I wanted to check this project out, but the dashboard indicates that it is unavailable. This is the second project that I have found to be unavailable. What’s the deal?

I would also like to do this project, but as is often the case it is not listed. Why mention projects are available when they are clearly not available.

Chris, Evelyn,
The project is unavailable because all of the keying image sets have been downloaded by other contributors.

How come people download the images so quickly before others get to see them. This is the second or third project that I have also failed to see – not only for keying but no sign of them in review either…

Isolde, it hasn’t been released for review yet.

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I find it very frustrating as well that projects get downloaded and keyed before I get a chance I assume this is because I am in England and with the time difference others get to download first it does seem very unfair

It happens here too, Dawn, in the United States. I have looked and they are gone.

I’ve been a volunteer transcriber for a long time now. Back then, new projects appeared frequently, at least once a week. We’re going on to 3 weeks now, and no new projects. Why the delay….getting totally bored with what is now available!

We have two projects being released Saturday and more next week.