Upcoming Webinar – Conquering the Challenge of Reading Handwritten Documents

As you all know reading the handwriting on documents, whether they are from this century or centuries past can be a challenge.  Join us Thursday March 19 for an hour of learning and sharing tips that will improve your skills in deciphering handwritten documents.  

Session I: 6 pm GMT

Session II: 8 pm EDT

If you would like to submit a question in advance please post a comment.

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Reader Comments

Please, would you consider sending to attendees, prior to the presentation, a syllabus or a snapshot of examples we will be covering during the presentation?

Mitzi’s suggestion sounds good. The last Webinar moved rather quickly, so having something in hand to follow could be helpful.

I agree it does move along at a rapid pace.
Question for the event: I’m keying the Andrews Cards – is it Ok to refer to other sources to confirm my interpretation? Eg the English CRI records?

I have to work both time elements is there no other

Will these webinars be loaded up so that we can watch them later on like they were for the abitrators webinars?

Yes, both webinars will be available to view the following week. I will post the URLs for them once they are archived.

I too agree with Mitzi.
The webinars are wonderful and we all know how fast an hour can go by with so much to cover. A simple Powerpoint or pdf file in advance would be great to review and may even encourage more questions prior to the webinar.

I have letters from mother in Hungary? to daughter here –early 1900s. Where can I find a way to translate. Tried several people-they don’t recognize the dialect. Can you help?
Dot G.

In the past, I have found that practicing handwriting in the style of the time and location I am researching has helped me read others’ handwriting. As I become somewhat used to the style, I learn to recognize even hastily-written words. Do you recommend this? If so, what resources would help me? (I believe I originally got this idea from a LDS book published in the 1980’s on French records. I recall there were similar books on Scandinavian and others.)

this question may not pertain to your topic at hand, but….

re: death registries…
I’ve noticed that these forms rarely have the columns identified. How can I find out what all the numbers mean?

Okay, Am I thick or what?

What time in New South Wales Australia does this start?

I have been sitting for the past hour and a half waiting for this, I forgot the time difference.

I can not attend because I work full time. Wimba can archive and retain archives for others to listen to. Will you be doing that also? Please!

hey Dot G. I know someone who grew up in Hungary and their mother travels between here and there. If you wish, I can get you in touch with them.

just find me by looking for someone interested in information about Pickens, Andrew 1695 – Ireland

My username is Lynette_C_Jones. If you can find me, you should be able to send me a message on the new message service.

I am an idiot I signed up for the 8:00pm EDT. I forgot about the change in times between GMT and EDT. I am afraid I can’t really join you at one in the morning our time. I was really looking forward to this webinair. I’ll know another time

Mary Wooldridge

I have letters from early 1900s that appear to be written to a relative from her mom –possibly in Hungary. Several people have looked at them and do not recognize the language. Any suggestions?

I’m sorry, but I still cannot download the lastest update. I tried removing the program and reinstalling, but it still says a piece is missing. What can I do now? I am dead in the water.

Can you explain the use of fs for ss during the early 1800’s? Why was this preferred handwriting and was it standard across the US or just regional?


I missed this morning’s webinar as I had to be with my husband at a doctor’s appointment — my husband is in a care facility.

May I join the current webinar????

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