Tool Update – Version is now live!

We launched a new version of the tool this afternoon.  In this version of the tool you will notice:

Field Help fixes – notably the “See Example” link is now working and will bring you to the project page.

Arbitration fixes

International tool fixes

If the tool does not launch automatically you may need to manually launch the tool – you can do this by clicking on the icon on your desktop or by going to the program in your All Programs menu.  Feedback and help requests can be submitted using the Provide Feedback link or by emailing our support team,

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Reader Comments

I get a fatal error message after I get 2 OK boxes and click on them

I too experience the same fatal error message as Caroline. I am operating in Vista, if that is relevant

I have also gotten the same fatal error message as Caroline.

I also got the fatal error message

Me too…mine is in a window called “problem with shortcut.”

I rebooted my machine and re-entered the application. Eveything seems to be acting normal and the update seems to have taken place.

After arbitrating an image set, I see that same set still listed under “Incomplete Arbitration Image Sets”. If I try to open it again, I get an error message and the tool crashes.

I had an error message when I first opened up to key (IL Nat Index), but closed the application and opened it again. So far, so good.

The new tool loaded earlier this afternoon. I arbitrated a set and keyed in a set and closed the application. Just now when I tried to open the application, it reloaded the new tool. What is going on?

I get a message saying fatal error during installation. I tried a restart, and still have the same messgae when I launch the keying tool. I have tried to uninstall the program so that I can re-install it again. I can’t unintall it! I am running windows Vista. Please help us or we can’t continue to key or abitrate your records.

Okay folks, try this. Rather than waiting for a reply from ancestry, I went back to the orginal site to and downloaded the tool all over again. When it came up I told it that I wanted to repair it and then I was able to launch the program without any error messages. I am yet to attempt to key or arbitrate anything, but so far so good.

Thank you Elizabeth #11
I had an error message (since today’s update) each time I opened the program, but I read your message and clicked on the handy link you supplied, downloaded – and no more error message! Great job!

I am sorry that some of you have run into errors. In most cases if you remove the tool manually (using the Add/Remove feature) and use the link provided by Elizabeth or in this article,

If after removing and installing the program you are still encountering difficulties with the tool please send a message to our support team and include the following information:

1. The operating system you use
2. The internet browser you use
3. Security systems you have on your system
4. The error you are encountering

Great suggestion Elizabeth. Downloading and repairing went off without a hitch. Thanks

Question: Is the Keying Tool display suppose to show Version or still say (Beta) as the program when we log in to program after the update process? Mine still says Beta and I did uninstall and reinstall.

The tool should still say Beta. We are still in the beta testing phase but have updated the keying tool to a new version.

I also get the ‘fatal’ message. Not terminal I hope!

Am using Vista and Explorer 7 but after uninstalling manually and then reinstalling from the site I now get an error message – “the cabinet file ‘AC3CO4D807C9E5CA2CDBDE2FC793B209’ is corrupt and cannot be used …” Help! I really want to continue keying these fascinating records.

I keep getting two boxes also and then fatal error. Help!!!! It is still letting me down load though. I’m a bit of a dumbo with technology.

We are working on a fix that will allow contributors who are running into the fatal error (and are not able to proceed) to download the new version. Once it is available we will post the fix here.

I keep getting the same, a fatal error message after 2 ok boxes with no information in them

After launch the tool attempts to do an update. I get 2 ok boxes and then a fatal error.

This is what I get when I start to upload the program: “Please wait while Windows configures Ancestry World Archive Project – keying tool.” Then I get this when I click on the two OK’s: “Fatal Error during installation.” However, I don’t have any problems with doing the indexes for Illinois naturalations. Just can’t figure out why it is making the fatal error.

I think you can ignore the “fatal error” warning. I think that only refers to the fact that there is already an icon on your desktop and when the update tried to place another one it rejected it.

I am more concerned with the frustrating experience of having to download and install the update everytime I open the tooling program. I have now done this four times and each time I do something else changes. Yes, I read how you can uninstall manually and reinstall, but why should we have to do all that when we have experts available to do it right. This is holding up a lot of highly paid volunteers from achieving their goals.

i also get a fatal error message about the short cut after getting tow OK boxes.

I have just spent two hours trying to figure out what to do about this fatal error message. I’m not saying this is going to work for everyone, as I tried some of the other suggestions that were posted and they didn’t work for me, I’m on Vista by the way.I uninstalled the program completely from my computer. No shortcut, nothing was left on. I went back to the original site where I downloaded from and reinstalled. I then was given the option of repairing or deleting I chose delete. This worked and I am now running ok. Hope this may help someone. Jackie

I have now completed 20 downloaded sets using the new upgrade. It seems to have solve many of the problems I have been having, but there is one lingering fault that I do not understand. In arbitrating NE Naturalization cards I find that the naturalization month is missing from one keyer column but the tool does not recognize that it is missing and stop so an entry can be made. This happens consistently. At first I thought some keyer had a problem putting the month name in the column, but it is not just one keyer. I am not certain what this will do to the accuracy of the data – maybe nothing. But it appears as though only one keyer has entered plus it does not stop so the arbiter can make an entry.

I was having the same problem with the software seeming to re-install on each use, then giving a fatal error.
I tried to de-install the application using “add and remove programs” but it would not de-install either.
I had shut down the keying application before trying the de-install so I then used the download link in Elizabeth’s comment (number 11) without de-installing. I then selected the option to “repair” the software.
When it re-started after the repair I closed the software again as it seemed to be missing sets to key that I had already downloaded.
After the next re-start it seems fine. It has all of my downloaded sets ready to key.
hope this helps people!

Thanks Elizabeth. Your instructions in #11 worked like a charm. 🙂

Hi all,
We have a fix for the fatal error issue – please contact the support team so we can send you the instructions. Unfortunately it involves a file that is too large for me to post here.

I also saw this post on the message boards that includes a possible solution for contributors running into download issues.

Not really sure where is the best place to post this – I reported it via the feedback button, but it said I wouldn’t get a personal reply. I downloaded the new version of the keying tool today and got the fatal error message but managed to continue and downloaded some image sets and keyed and submitted them, but then when I tried to download another one it said it had downloaded ok but then I got an error message saying an unexpected error has occurred Column ‘ProjectName’ does not belong to table Batch. I tried quitting and starting the keying tool up again but the same thing kept happening, and the downloaded image set disappears so I can’t key or arbitrate at the moment.

I am also using Vista and getting the fatal error message. It is noting a problem with the shortcut.

I have Windows vista. The new tool doesn’t update – when I go to the blog I can see the correct number of records I have keyed, but Vista isn’t moving.

I’m also getting the fatal error.
Running on 64-bit Vista Home Premium.

I can provide Windows Installer logs for the original update install and the repair if you need them.

I haven’t been on for a few days. When I tried to open the program it installed the new version. I got the fatal error message. Shut down the program and it started ok. I finished a file and when it tried to upload I got messages that “the login info does not match our records” and “the security code could not be authenticated or authorized.” I’m on XP

ref #36

I did get it working again by re-entering my login info but it shouldn’t have thrown an error at all as my login is saved on my hard drive. I can’t help but think it’s connected to the error message issues with the new version of the keying tool.

Re tool Update, I also get a fatal error message when trying to download.

Help please! I’m unable to get on to the project without a long delay while everything configures itself. The software won’t repair itself or even uninstall (using Vista). Yesterday I spoke to somebody at Ancestry UK but they seemd to be not fully aware of the problems being encountered and could only give general advice. Everything used to work really well – waht can I (and others) do?

Running Windows Vista and Firefox browser. Tried to re-install using the setup.exe program (which should have a more distinctive name IMHO) and needed a new plug-in for Firefox before completing. Now everything seems to be in working order. Didn’t know I was working as a Beta tester here too.

Someone entered the suggestion to go to the UK site and download the WAP from there. The site is: It worked. As the person mentioned, do not login, but get to the WAP page. The only “glitch” is that you just can’t download without “joining” so I entered an old email address and was then presented with the download page. The other thing – select the “repair” option. That will fix the installer issue. The tool has worked fine since then.

Following Skip’s comments at 41 – I tried this again, having previously used my current registered email address and had it fail. I used an alternative email address as suggested and downloaded using “Run” instead of “Save” as I would usually do. The clicked Repair – Hurray -can confirm it has worked!

help, all i get is fatal errors still.can you get in touch to resolve it please.

how do you contact the support team? i cannot run the tool.

I’ve just uninstalled and reinstalled the Keying Tool, and fingers crossed, it’s working o.k. so far.

Oops, meant to answer your question, Andrew – the email address for the support team is near the top of this blog page.

I also get error message. I’ve reinstalled twice.

If you are still having trouble after reinstalling, try uninstalling again but say yes when it asks if you want to delete all your project files, then reinstall – it did the trick for me and some others.

When using Vista, right click on the icon and choose “Run as Administrator”. I had the same problem until I did this.