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The past month we have been going back and forth between the UK and the southern US.  Today our new project is the Savannah, Georgia, Select Board of Health and Health Department Records, 1822-1864, 1887-1896 – reading over the diagnoses reminds me of indexing the cause of death from the Wisconsin Mortality Schedules.  Most of the records are for indigent individuals who were treated by a physician in Savannah, Georgia from 1887-1896.


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Happy keying!

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Reader Comments

i was very upset when the last image set results came in and my score bottom out. not everyone INTERPRETS directions the same way, and essentially not every page in the the New South Wales records fit the same directions for every page. Would very much like to hear what xactly I did wrong. As a former teacher i taught what they didn’t know, Since you are the educator here, please informme what i did wrong.

Pat, we have been asking for any sort of helpful feedback for years. Unfortunately, WAP seems to think we’ll get our feelings hurt if we learn what we did wrong. We have given them many different suggestions on how feedback could be done without upset or backlash, yet they seem to all fall on deaf ears. Yet, we all keep asking – we really NEED some sort of feedback, and I know other project groups like this one DO have feedback, so it CAN be done!
Keep asking, over and over, like we have for years, and maybe, someday, we will get our message through. 🙂