Happy 4th Anniversary!!

On March 11, 2009 we removed the Beta tag from the keying tool so we are now officially 4 years strong.  In the past four years we have accomplished many amazing things…

– Keyed 99,500,000+ records (We’re almost to 100,000,000 records keyed!!)

– Completed 192 projects

– 161 Live projects on Ancestry available for anyone to search for FREE

– Launched the World Memory Project and more recently the student program

– Released a Mac version of the keying tool

– Got better at reading/interpreting handwritten documents.

–  Made new friends and enjoyed ourselves while participating in a great cause.

It is a humbling experience to witness the growth of the World Archives Project.  There is no better word to describe our community than AMAZING.  Thank you all for choosing to contribute and to support bringing more indexed records online for anyone to search for free.

Happy 4th Anniversary!

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Reader Comments

I startet contributing in Janaury 2009 and have seen the WAP grow. I have found valuable information about my family’s ancestors from England to New Zealnd to Australia then Shetland and Ireland. Valuable are not just the census and birth marriage and death records. They just give structure to the tree, but also all the other smaller projects. That kind of information would be almost impossible to find.

Been here since September 2008.. glad to be part of these amazing projects.

May 2009 here, and I am so proud to be a part of WAP. My best find was when we were doing the Embassy papers from Lyon, France. I actually found the paperwork on the birth of an aunt that I knew nothing about and the details of my grandfather’s first marriage. I probably would never have seen these records elsewhere!

Joined in November 2008, It’s been a wild ride.

As a relative newbie compared to Elisabeth, Teresa & Paul, have also enjoyed the ride since October 2010.
Nothing better than coming across a relo whilst keying/reviewing as I’ve been fortunate enough to do on 3 occasions so far.

I began contributing in 2010. At first, quite hesitant, wary of entering inaccuracies; wondering if I am even doing this correctly! Now, even if my time only allows for three entries a day or several hours, I take the time. I have found my niche in the entry of the Delaware Land Records. These documents have given me a ‘living’ sense of our ancestors who had the courage to be land and property owners and visionaries of what may be with their hopes and their dreams. Just this one spot of land in our country reflects the history of lives lived; the future of hopes dreamed. I am proud to be such a small part of the World Archives Project. Thank you for this honor.

I started 2/2010. One of my first projects was historical postcards. I was delighted to come across a postcard from Chicago that showed the Catholic hospital at which my great-aunt had worked for years. I love this stuff!