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In the past month we have released 6 projects Live on Ancestry!!  Because of your efforts there are now 329,000+ more records available to be searched.

We appreciate the time and talents you are sharing to bring more records online!  Thank you!!


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can you explain to us what exactly happens in processing?
It helps us keyers arbitrators/reviwer.
Thank you.
Am am pleased that more and more projects are becoming searchable online.
I just wish that we could do more German projects.

I agree with Elisabeth in that more German records would be nice. Preferably smaller projects though, because I remember we had some difficulty with the Mecklenburg 1919 Census (which by the way was just released live for searching). German vitals would be great.

I am working on Viscount Morpeth’s testimonial roll and,apart from peering desperately at some of the signatures, I am charmed by the sense of history. Within a family there are many spelling variations and where someone else has signed for them there are some wild guesses. Given names vary from John to Cornelius, Isaac to Bartholomew. Lovely!

Hi, I’m new to keying so please excuse questions/comments if they seem obvious. I have been doing the Calf. railroad keying about 50% of the time. My question is some of the images are typed. When I put the naes in I stuill get the red blocj because its not in the list. I know i entered it correct cause it was typed.. Is this normal? Also on the Mexican War images, which I spen the other 50% of my time: the entry screen automatically drops to line for an entry. This makes me think I should be entering more than one line per image. Am I correct is this or do we just make one entry libne per entry…. Thanks for your help! I;m having a great time working on this :))


The lists do not contain every possible entry, it is quite normal to have red boxes requiring an override of the validation.

How many lines per image will depend on the project. Some have one, some have more. Most (or possibly all) images in the Mexican War project will have just one line per image.

Thank you paulmd199… now i can key with less ?? clogging my mind lol

I signed up to this a few minutes ago and am not sure how I can contribute. I shall, of course, add whatever I know if it will be useful….Al.