Are you ready for a challenge?

I thought we could start the year off by travelling around the world with a series of Project of the Day Challenges.   The top keyer(s) and reviewer/arbitrator for each project will win a prize.* 

Here is our travel, er, keying itenerary.

January 27 & 28  – New York Naturalization Originals  – Review

                                      Delaware, Land Records, 1677-1947 – Keying

January 30 – Kansas, City and County Census

February 1 – Liverpool Crew Lists

February 3 – London, England, Poor Law Removal and Settlement Records 

February 5 – USHMM – Czech Republic, Selected Jewish Holocaust Records, 1939-1941 

February 7 – USHMM – Eure-et-Loir, France, Selected Holocaust Records

February 9 – Pavia, Lombardia, Italia: Registri di Matrimonio

February 11 – New Zealand City & Area Directories, 1866-1955

February 13 – Canada, Nominal Rolls and Paylists for the Volunteer Militia, 1872-1914

Get your bags packed, stretch your fingers, download a few image sets and meet me in a few days to start our journey!


* Contributors are eligible to win one prize during this time period. 

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Reader Comments

what are the prises this round?

is everyone eligible?

Anna, you forgot Australia, on Australia Day.

sounds exciting. I just started last month, but enjoy doing it. I just finished working on the Missouri Death Certificate index for 1961. Now you can see & print the actual death cert from 1910 to 1960 (1961 will be available soon)

Yes Anna you did forget Australia on our day, know that we are a bit distant but please give us a go.

You spelled Itinerary wrong so you went from exceptional to excellent-happy smile. For the naturalization records it should say and their lives (not Life) in the US.

What a great idea! If I had posted one day earlier. Don’t worry though – even with missing Australia Day we will have a Police Gazettes challenge.

I was thinking about T-shirts but I believe we’ll stick with the standard prizes, pride leading the list, then subscriptions, DNA tests, and FTM software. I am working on additional prize options for future challenges.

Yes, everyone is eligible to win once.

I am glad you have joined us!

And to everyone – don’t worry if you haven’t keyed a project before. Just make sure to read over the instructions and follow the Field Helps carefully. Enjoy!


What constitutes a day in Ancestry world – is it linked to your time in Utah?



Ancestry runs on Salt Lake time.


I won’t be working on your challenge.
You emailed that you were interested in my comment that some 600 records I had keyed never showed up in my statistics.
However, you never gave me any explanation or stated that you had addressed the problem.
Having my efforts disappear after hours of work is not worth my time.
The number of people who have indicated that problems are not adequately addressed and instructions are not adequate tells me more challenges should not be started until the more serious problems are fixed, otherwise the problems are just compounded.
And to the folks from Australia, the missing records I keyed were the New Zealand directories.

I completed the New York Naturalization series last night.Does that make me the winner? There were only two sets remaining and I completed both. The New York Nats are no longer listed.

she changed the NY to review only and added Delaware Land Records for keying.

But nice try Bob, lol.

Well, I’m still waiting to receive the prize I won in the end of year challenge. Or at least hear back about it. (sigh)

Hi Tom I am in the same boat as you. I haven’t heard about from the Year End Challenge yet. You are not alone

Tom, Karen, and anyone other Challenge winners,
If you have not received the prize you won please send me an email at

There has been some misunderstanding about how subscriptions are added – they will not show up on your account until your current subscription is done. DNA kits and FTM software are sent out directly and you should receive them within a week of our letting you know the order has been placed.

I am sorry about the missing records. The general reason for records not being counted is that the image sets expired before they were submitted – or that you had records from 90 days ago that came off your count at the same time you submitted so the numbers evened out. (Records are taken off the 90 day count at the same time they were submitted.) With 600 missing records the second option seems less likely.

The challenge is going great. The reviewers are making a major dent in the image sets for NY!

Nonsense. They would have been added to the total count, even if they were subtracted from the daily count. They were never added to the total.
I downloaded the image set from New Zealand directories and completed them within six days.
I did not receive the standard message that the image set was due to expire as I have with other sets in the past.
Besides, your logic should tell people that things will happen without warning or explanation. If you are downloading sets that are due to expire without warning, how would anyone be able to tell they were working on an active project?
This is a systems and procedures control issue, not one of an educated person being unable to add or subtract or being incapable of logical thinking.
You clearly have not investigated what is going wrong.
You therefore also cannot tell how many other records have been keyed that have disappeared into cyberspace. I’m not the only one who has recognized there’s a problem

I lost over 600 records that I had keyed on the Buffalo Soldiers months ago. I do believe the records did end up in cyperspace because they were never seen again….

I notice that the challenges are two days apart. Are the challenges for two days or just one?