The week in review…

The past week has been full of news for the World Archives Project.   We started the week ending the Thanksgiving Weekend Challenge where a good number of our arbitrators and reviewers completed 2794 image sets!  What a great way to end and start a week.

Over the weekend there was a CNN story posted about the World Memory Project and on Tuesday there was another story on NPR.  We saw an increase in contributors to the project as well as an increase in activity on the USHMM projects.  Welcome to our new contributors!

The number 4 voted for project was published Dorset, England, Quarter Session Order Books, 1625-1951 on Wednesday.  This project will a challenge for anyone looking to hone their skills of reading older handwriting. 

And if you haven’t already, check your inbox for the newsletter that was sent out Wednesday.  If you didn’t receive it watch the comments where I will be posting a link for it soon. 

And to end the week we’ll have a Project of the Weekend challenge.  The top keyers for the New Zealand City and Area Directories, 1866-1955, combined total records between Saturday and Sunday, will have their choice of a DNA test, a copy of FTM 2012 or 3 Month subscription to Ancestry.  The image sets typically consist of 300-500 names so it will take a while to get through an image set but they are typed so reading the names is easy and you’ll see your record count jump by leaps and bounds.   My tip while keying is to make sure you are keeping track of where you are in the columns of names – I often use the Guides to help me track my way down the page. 

Happy keying!

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Reader Comments

My best tip on the Directories is to review your work before you submit.

You WILL find that you missed a few entries.

Hardly anybody manages to type 600 records without omissions without first reviewing.

Congrats to on getting the media interested in the World Memory Project.
I got a few calls from Ancestry when they were looking for people to feature in stories.
CNN found a great subject.
I’m surprised I didn’t see it on the website myself.I visit it often enough.

I saw the story about the WAP on CNN last weekend. I have been doing what I can on the Eure & Loire project for some time. Some of these stories are difficult to read, but they’re quite rewarding once you have. Between keying those and the Palestinian records, the victims of those crimes have become real people to me, so I feel like I have to continue until I reach the end.


The end is something like 170 million documents later.

Ushmm is definitely a long term project.

I’ve been working on the New Zealand Directories since they became available. I am looking forward to the weekend-as usual.

And because of my work on the New Zealand Directories, I am planning to go to New Zealand, someday. But first, I must retire-and I’m not there yet!

As promised, here is the link for the newsletter.

I have keyed a few image sets myself but not nearly as many as the top keyers – on Friday the highest number of image sets was 8 and today a keyer has submitted 11 so far. Winners will be announced tomorrow.

Happy keying!

Wow! What a great Weekend Challenge! We more than doubled the number of records keyed last weekend.

Here are the Challenge winners:

Peggy, from Washington, 7869
Shelby, from Alaska, 7591
Amy, from Oklahoma, 6477


I think I won the contest on New Zealand – Peggy from Washington 7869. How do I collect the prize – 3 months of