50,000 records to go

Over the past few weeks I have been amazed at the efforts of our community of contributors!  With less than 9 hours to go we have about 50,000 records to key to reach 4,000,000.  That’s only 5555 records per hour.  Is that a lot? Yes, but you can do it – or come really, really close. 

I am still reeling from the fact that you have keyed 3,950,000 in only 45 days.  Not only am I amazed but my heart is full of gratitude for the hours of contributions that have been made in hopes that these records will assist someone, some where to connect with their family members.  Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to contribute!

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Only 40,000 to go now. I am off to Trick or Treat, well, more to supervise. But in a few hours I’ll be back reviewing some USHMM and New Zealand Directories image sets I have downloaded.

Anna we had one day through this challenge where sets for keying and arbitration/review would not download to the keying tool. If this had not happened I am sure the challenge of 4,000,000 would have been reached by now.

I agree with Gail. For nearly three days I was unable to download.

Woohoo! 3,982,447. Given some allowance for the day or two with issues that would put us ahead of the goal. Our community has put in a lot of time and effort over the past 45 days. Give yourselves a pat on the back and maybe a hand massage too!

I have been typing almost daily since this challenge began and I don’t see where I can vote on my keying tool.

Where do I vote?

Sorry, misspelled email address.

Linda, and all,
In the keying tool, when you are on the Select Image Set page, the bottom portion of the screen is either the blog feed or voting. Click on the voting tab and this will bring you to the where you can cast your votes.

I am new to the World Archives Project, but I am really enjoying the keying! Does anyone know if the credit you get toward your subscription can be divided over 12 months or do they only do it for subscriptions paid on a yearly basis? Would hate to think I’d miss out on this benefit because my situation doesn’t allow me to submit one lump payment.

i do not wish to use you website

please stop all payment immediatley

thank you

elizabeth hudson