Benefits of Particpating in the World Archives Project

As you all know participating in the World Archives Project is not only fun and addicting but you get a sense of satisfaction knowing you have contributed to a larger effort.  In appreciation for your participation there are a few additional benefits – in addition to that altruistic feeling.

Active contributors, those who key more 900 records in a 90 day period, are eligible to receive the following:

     – 10% discount on an Annual subsciption renewal, this includes the US Deluxe, Canada Deluxe, UK Essential, UK Premium, etc.

     – 15% discount on an Annual World Deluxe subscription renewal

To take advantage of this discount pleas contact Ancestry Member Services at one of the following toll free numbers or email our support team at [email protected]

     US: 1 800 Ancestry (262-3787) 

     Australia: 1 800 251 838

     New Zealand: 0800 442 100

     Canada: 1 800 958 9073

     Germany: 0800 180 7090

     Italy: 0800 870 240

     Great Britain & Northern Ireland: 0800 404 9723

We are also working on a few benefits that will be available early next year, these include:

     – Free access to the original images in the project’s databases

     – Voting on which records the project will index next

We realize that since this benefit is not yet available that active contributors will not be able to images for the Wisconsin Mortaility Schedules.  We apologize for the delay in accessing these images.

We are excited to see the incredible progress in the project and want to thank all of our contributors for choosing to participate in this great cause!

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Reader Comments

The software application used to index the records is really well set up and easy to use. The keyboard shortcuts (like F3 and F7) are also great.
I’ve been indexing the English & Welsh Criminal Records; it’s interesting to see the differences in sentences applied in different counties for similar offences.
The added bonus of a membership discount is a welcome – particularly at the moment, with some difficult times ahead for many people.
Looking forward to seeing the records from this project available online so I can check out some of my own ancestors and see what they got up to!

I’m hooked!
I have been indexing the English and Welsh criminal records
It is so interesting to see how differently things were (or weren’t) tolerated in those days.
The discounted membership will be very much appreciated.

I became involved in the world archives project in October and like many others I have become hooked on the criminal records. I have enjoyed helping in this project and it is an added bonus to receive a discount on subscriptions and greatly appreciated

Thank you! The discount is really appreciated! Happy Holidays!

It would be greatly appreciated if Ancestry could set up an email system whereby those of us who do not live in the countries you listed with a toll-free number could contact in order to claim discount on our memberships. PLEASE look into this!
It’s very heartening to hear that the project is going well & like the other members, I’m thoroughly enjoying the opportunity as well as getting quite expert at reading some of the writing which will be of great benefit in my research,

I just love this new opportunity to help save records. I am new at it and I know I made some mistakes at first, but I am improving.
Sometimes when I get tired working on my tree, and it seems I’m just going nowhere, it’s nice to switch to indexing some records to clear my mind.
Thanks for this opportunity!

If you are not able to speak with a representative from our Member Services team please email our support team, worldarchivesproject

I have been keying since August 26, 2008, which by my count has been more than 90 days. However, my statistics show the same for total records keyed and last 90 days. Will this be fixed, so that I can better tell if I am doing at least 900 records per 90 day period?

I have really enjoyed keying my only concern is that I am not keying correctly – it would be really useful if at some later date, keyers could receive feedback on their accuracy or common errors that they make. This might be in the form of a generic email posted to groups of members?
I really appreciate the updated information, I hadn’t realised that the project was so new, it’s nice to know that I will get more than the pleasure of reading and then keying the data, although I would probably have done it for free anyway!

It is addictive entering records. It’s like taking a trip back in time. Thank you so much for offering a discount on subscriptions for doing something that I really enjoy. It is much appreciated.

This is truly a great project to be involved in and thanks for the opportunity to do just that.

Happy Holidays!

I have only recently joined (Nov) & am keying in the English & Welsh Criminal records which is really interesting & at the same time sometimes a challenge trying to dechipher the writing. The discount will be most welcome – Thankyou. Would it be possible to have some feedback as to whether keyers are entering data correctly as sometimes i feel i have enetered things that may have been correct & would rather not keep doing it incorrectly – Thanks.

Have been so engrossed in doing this that I have just realised that I am over 1,000 now in only 45 days so that you very much for the discounted membership, which is very much appreciated.

I understand this is a blog on benifits (there are many), but I wish to stir ideas. Will help be needed for the 1940 US census for 2010 release, or is that already done? Also is there a way to submit images if we have scanned records for indexing (ie. I’ve gone to a court house and scanned them) ?
Great community project. WINNER !!

Could the folks at Ancestry please clarify whether the subscription discount is achieved in any 90 day period or must be maintained continuously (because the last 90 days will roll over time), or must be achieved within the last 90 day period at the time of renewal.

I do appreciate the offer, no matter what the specific terms!

I see I’m not alone in wanting to know how I’m doing in terms of mistakes. I do know I made a bunch in my first attempts but have gotten much better. I just hit 1,000 today and only started this a couple of weeks ago. I’m trying to do 100 a day. I’m working on the NYC Naturalization Index…I’m only to “B”. I’m anxious to see if any of my husband’s relatives show up!!
Also, I’d like to add my thanks for the discount offer.
Happy Holidays and Happy Keying!

I am loving indexing the new records, I have mainly been working on the English and Welsh criminal records. Not only is it fascinating to see how the criminal system worked then but it’s a real priviledge to be able to help to share these records with everyone else. Well done as always Ancestry and Thank You where would we be without you !!!!!

I really enjoy keying in the different records. I don’t really have a favorite. I have been trying anything that comes along.

Thanks for the discount!!!!!

I too am pleased to hear that our efforts will be rewarded. A very pleasant surprise!

14423 records in 6 weeks… Think I’m addicted.. Ha!

I too am grateful for the discount. This is a very rewarding experience and I feel it is helping my in reading the various handwriting for my own records. I has also helped me to explain and understand the discrepencies in the records and transcription to others. I too would like to see a way to check our accuracy. I also would like an easier way to proofread what I have keyed in. Thank you for this project, it is fun and addictive.

Well I just resently started keying because I have Vista 64 and had to install the keying program onto my old laptop. I could do so much more if they updated the program to run on Vista64. Love the Idea of a discount!!!! I love seeing what the crimes were and what the punishments were. Give us more!!!!

I have just compleated my first 900 enties. I spend to much time reading them. I called the free phone number to register my discount claim, the very nice and plesent operator, informed me that she would make a note on my billing date (june 09)and that I shoud call again the day before it is due. Otherwise the billing date changes.

Happy Christmas one and all

I’ve been indexing the English & Welsh Criminal Records too & have found them really interesting. It’s hard to believe that children were sent to prison but I guess life was quite different then. The software is simple to use so it makes it quite easy except for some of the handwriting ! Thanks for the bonus – a lovely surprise.

Since November 14 2008 I have keyed 901 records on the World archives project. I would like to claim the 10% discount on an Annual subscription renewal.


Betty L Evans
1309 Maple Ave N
Lehigh Acres, FL 33972

The Nebraska 1885 census is easy to key. I don’t know how many I keyed today, but I just want to do more. I am hoping the 1886-1887 Voter Registration records will be available to key in the near future. Thanks and a happy new year!

Hate to be the only negative response but I do think it needs to be said.

I am happy to volunteer my time for the good of the community, as long as the community-at-large benefits. As Ancestry is a commercial activity only a select group of people have privileged access to this wonderful group of archives. This access is based on their ability to pay the fee. The success of sites like Wikipedia are down to their true ethos of “free for all”. If Ancestry were able to adopt this it would be a fantastic opportunity to empower the disenfranchised youth-of-today to find out who they really are and where they came from. The founders of Ancestry would go down in history like Jimmy Wales.

At the very least, if you are volunteering your time to help a commercial site, then you should have free access to its content.

Just my thoughts. I am a happy member however and am very happy with the service although have many ideas on how to make it better!

Anthony may have a point. The better the available records, the more likely people are to pay to join!

However, my biggest disappointment is that, having enjoyed keying the English criminal records, there are only American (with the exception of the one Italian)record sets left to key. I will continue to key, but with far less interest. Having no American ties whatsoever (that I know of!), naturally my interest lies elsewhere.

Any chance of a more international balance? Afterall, we all pay for our memberships.


Having recently passed the point of entering 900 records in the past 90 days I sent a note requesting acknowledgement of my entitled discount. The response from Dane Mortensen (World Archives Project Support Team) was the following…

“The way the discount works is you must be an “active contributor” at the time your membership renewal comes up. At that point you will need to contact us and we can verify your contributions for the 90 days leading up to that time and apply the discount.”

In other words, records completed more than 90 days prior to the renewal provide no credit toward the discount.

This is extremely disheartening. My renewal will be in about 9 months and I thought my hard work these past few months would earn me the discount when it came up. But it won’t! I am wondering how many of you thought like I did that satisfying 900 records in ANY 90 day period would entitle you to the discount?

The site is awesome and I too am hooked. The discount is much appreciated, but not enough for me to be able to afford the annual membership fee, but thanks for the offer.

I dont like the new My Stats. I cannot set a goal ect… like before. I enjoyed setting my goal so I could work towards it.

I think that anyone who enters 900 per month, should have free membership or a 65% discount on an annual membership!

For those interested in clarification of the Discount Offer, please see additional discussion on the following thread titled .”World Arhive Project Discount Offer” on the WAP message boards.

I think this is the link

Ihave beeninvolved in the criminal records how do I go about getting my discount

Diane, and all,
Please email our support team, worldarchivesproject to request the subscription discount.