New Keying Projects Archive

Another Three New Projects!

In the keying tool today you will see three new projects. Bedfordshire, England, Workhouse and Poor Law Records project contains various registers and apprenticeship records from the Bedfordshire Poor Law Union.  There is a wide variety of record types for both the Poor Law Record form type, reviewing the sample images will be helpful. All instructions […]

Three New Indexing Projects, and a New Face

I am excited to announce the addition of Jocelyn to our AWAP community!  She has worked at Ancestry for many years and enjoys indexing, quilting, spending time with her first grandchild, and many other activities.  Jocelyn has been responding to support emails, launching new projects and following is her first blog post… We are so […]

New West Midlands Projects!

Today we launched two new projects West Midlands Police Records and West Midlands Police Records, Part 2. You will encounter police files and criminal offence records. These two projects are very similar – they are the same type of records –  but for one we were provided different data from the archive than the other so there are different […]

Irish Emigrants in North America

We have a new project! The records are taken from a book providing details about Emigrants from Ireland to North America – most often it is just the individual but every once in a while you encounter a great submission that includes the whole family.  There are only 164 image sets so it will come […]

A “new” USHMM project

Today brings us USHMM – Ukraine (Poland), Stanislav, List of Residents by Street, 1939-1945.   This is one of the projects we have been working to transition to the new tool. This collection contains lists of residents from Stanislav.  It is considered advanced due to most of the records being in Polish – the forms are […]

Two NEW Projects

UPDATE: Honor Roll of Kalamazoo County, 1917-1919 will be available next week. Today brings us two new projects – Surrey, England, Regimental Rolls, 1914-1947 and Honor Roll of Kalamazoo County, 1917-1919  Surrey, England, Regimental Rolls, 1914-1947 contains records for soldiers serving in World War II in the Queen’s Royal West Surrey and East Surrey Regiments.  It […]

More UNRRA Projects

We just released two more UNRRA projects, USHMM – UNRRA Records, Philippines 1943-1947 and USHMM – UNRRA Records, Sweden 1943-1947.  They are small and the image headers are in English.  Due to variety of images and fields to key they are classified as Average level projects. Questions can be posted to the message boards or sent to […]

Three new projects!

From Australia, to the Ukraine, then on the UK we are traveling the globe with these new projects. The Australia, Newspaper Vital Notices, 1841-2001 will be familiar as we have keyed similar newspaper projects in the past.  There will be some image sets without records to index – we opted for fewer images/image set so the indexing […]

20,000 more records

A while back we completed our first 10,000 project – 10,000 Vital Records of Western New York, 1809-1850 .  Today two more 10,000 projects are available to key. 10,000 Vital Records of Eastern New York, 1777-1834 and 10,000 Vital Records of Central New York, 1813-1850 contain records drawn from the marriage and death columns of New […]

New Projects!

Today brings us two new projects – USHMM – Ukraine (Poland), Stanislav, List of Residents by Street, 1939-1945 and UK, Absent Voter Lists, 1918-1925, 1939 – Part 2. The USHMM – Ukraine (Poland), Stanislav, List of Residents by Street, 1939-1945 project contains lists of residents in Stanislav.  The records are handwritten on forms that are in Polish; helps are given […]