What Over 7 Million People Learned When They Took DNA Tests

21 August 2017
by Ancestry

Millions of people around the world are taking DNA tests. What drives them?

They want to learn more about themselves. They’re looking to feel more connected to their families—and make surprising discoveries about their past.

Meet just a few of the over 7 million people who have already taken AncestryDNA tests.

AncestryDNA test takers are finding new family members around the world. And the number of connections they’re making is staggering.

People have already discovered over 37,000,000 third cousin or closer relatives all over the globe.

But it’s the personal stories that are the most compelling. The young man who connected with his Irish family has a great one:

“My grandmother passed away years ago, but to meet her first cousin in Ireland, and to have her welcome me and the rest of the family was just incredible.”

And so does the woman who was blown away by her ethnicity breakdown:

“One of the biggest surprises was that I found out I’m 25% Native American. And I had no idea.”

Taking an AncestryDNA test is simple. And there’s so much you can learn – as many of the over 7 million people who have already taken the test can tell you.

Your own DNA discoveries awaitAre you ready?