Walking With My Enslaved Ancestors

Jason Atwater* was on a mission: to discover the names of his enslaved ancestors. He never dreamed his research would lead him to the Virginia plantation where his ancestor’s legacy lives on to this day. What Were Their Names? After taking an AncestryDNA test, Jason became curious about his African ancestors who had been enslaved. Read More

5 Things to Talk About Around the Holiday Table Besides Politics

In this era of divisive modern politics, family holiday get-togethers can be a nerve-wracking time. Disparate generations and outlooks can clash all too easily over Grandma’s dinner table. But your differences don’t need to ruin your holiday celebrations. Here are five topics to discuss over the holidays that aren’t likely to lead to mashed potatoes Read More

Why AncestryDNA is the Best Last-Minute Holiday Gift

For last-minute shoppers, the perfect holiday gift is something that’s thoughtful yet requires little advance planning. That can be hard to come by in the mall. What if you could find a deeply personal, last-minute present that opens up a world of possibilities? An AncestryDNA kit is just that—and a great choice for everyone on your list. Read More

AncestryDNA: How Does It Stack Up Against the Competition?

Genetic testing is generating increasing interest among people curious to learn more about their roots, to find out who they are. One option, AncestryDNA, is the #1 selling consumer DNA test, with 5 times more ethnic regions than the next leading test. Here, top publications weigh how AncestryDNA compares to some other tests. TechCrunch The leading Read More

Now I Know My Roots

Jason Atwater wanted to learn more about where in Western Africa his slave ancestors came from. What could his DNA tell him about his African roots? What Jason’s DNA Revealed Jason* was, like many Americans, aware of the history of slavery. He knew, for example, that many of the African people brought to America as part Read More

Together We Can Change the World: One DNA Test at a Time

Asian. Black. Caucasian. Latino. The labels that define us often divide us. But what if your DNA could change the conversation about identity and race? One professor – and her students – are proving it can. A Pioneer Eleven years ago – before DNA testing was widely available – West Chester professor Anita Foeman wondered this: Read More

What Does It Mean to Be Mexican?

Blanca is originally from Mexico City and has always identified as Mexican. But when she moved to the US at the age of 16, she realized not everyone saw her that way. To change the conversation about identity, Blanca took an AncestryDNA test as part of the DNA Discussion Project. We were fascinated and asked Read More

Can DNA Make You See Yourself Differently?

All of her life, Kimberly had wondered about her ethnic mix. She had a lot of unanswered questions before taking a DNA test. It turns out, Kimberly’s story is really unique. She shared more about her background and what drew her to take an AncestryDNA test as part of the DNA Discussion Project in a Read More

Do You Really Know Everything About Who You Are?

Yemisi thought she knew everything about her background. But an AncestryDNA test surprised her. We were excited to learn more about Yemisi’s story and what prompted her take an AncestryDNA test as part of the DNA Discussion Project. Here’s what she shared with us in a short interview: You were a little thrown by your DNA Read More