Are You Part Finnish? These Are 5 Places You Need to See

The Finnish people have a long history in the U.S., first arriving in New Sweden, along the Delaware River, around 1640. During the Great Migration of the 1860s to 1930s, they flocked to the Midwest, where today we see clusters of their descendants based on an AncestryDNA study. Many Americans assume their Midwestern Scandinavian heritage is Swedish. But an AncestryDNA Read More

How One Artist’s DNA Inspired A New Kind of Art

Thomas “Detour” Evans is a Denver-based artist. After a life-changing trip to Africa, he was inspired to take an AncestryDNA test to learn more about his roots. His test results inspired him to create breathtaking multi-medium art – and sparked the idea for a one-of-a-kind project: For Evans, the They Still Live project was the culmination of a lifelong passion for Read More

They Traveled the Globe, But One DNA Test Changed Their World

Dave and Deb of The Planet D have been traveling the world full time for the last 8 years, visiting over 106 countries. They’ve cycled across Africa, driven from England to Mongolia, and swum in Antarctica. But their recent trip to Scotland turned out to be one of the most unique — and it all began with Read More

272 Slaves Were Sold to Save Georgetown: Meet One of Their Descendants

In 1838, Georgetown teetered on the edge of bankruptcy. 272 slaves were sold to save the school. News of the sale surfaced in headlines last year, sparking heated exchanges on campus and beyond. As Georgetown employee Jeremy Alexander watched the events unfold, he had no idea how close to the story he was. One of his Read More

Sandie’s Story: A Cultural Chameleon Discovers Her True Roots

Meet Sandie. She’s a writer, a mom, and a cultural chameleon – easily mistaken for “whatever the cab driver” in New York thinks is her ethnicity. She took an AncestryDNA test to find out her true origins – and the results were very surprising: Sandie’s always considered herself Latina, since both her parents were born in Colombia. But people Read More

6 Weird But True Facts About DNA

Our DNA is amazing. And over the years scientists have discovered some stunning facts. Here are 6 weird but true facts about DNA. 1. Your DNA could stretch from the earth to the sun and back ~600 times. If unwound and linked together, the strands of DNA in each of your cells would be 6 feet long. With Read More

Why An AncestryDNA Kit Is the Perfect Birthday Gift

Are you looking for a unique, personal birthday gift? Something that helps someone make incredible discoveries about themselves and shows your interest in them and their journey? With over 3 million people tested, an AncestryDNA kit can help you discover more stories than ever. It has linked long-separated siblings and helped users uncover lost paternal Read More

Behind the Ancestry Commercial with Channing Joseph

Have you seen the Ancestry commercial where Channing Joseph talks about Marianne Gaspard, his 5th-great-grandmother? If so you no doubt wondered, “Is there more to Channing’s story? Who was Marianne Gaspard?” It All Began With A College Kid’s Curiosity Channing studied abroad in South Africa. He watched Roots and read a lot of books about African Read More

What Makes You, You?

A few times a week, YouTube star Jack Douglass asks his 2.7 million YouTube channel subscribers a question. He then shares their most interesting answers the following day, in an episode of Yesterday I Asked You (YIAY). His fascinating question in YIAY #310: In percentages, what makes you, you? He got some pretty amusing answers, Read More

Quiz: How Irish Are You?

Sure, you can fake an Irish brogue and proudly wear green on St. Patrick’s Day. But how Irish are you really? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of all things Irish: How did you do? Are you as Irish as you thought? Find out how Irish you really are — just take an AncestryDNA Read More