New Projects!

This week we released two new projects – one for keying and one for searching…

Earlier this week we released a new index live to the site,  the New South Wales, Australia, Applications and Admissions to Orphan Schools, 1817-1833.  This database is now available to be searched bringing our total of completed indexes to 20!  Although it can be sad to read through the letters stating why the “orphans” are being admitted it is so intriguing.  We then see the same orphans a few years later becoming apprentices and being removed from the orphanage to join the work force.  Congratulations to everyone who worked on this project!  


And we also released a new project to key this week, Mecklenburg-Schwerin Census, 1919It has been a fun to recognize how much German I have retained since my high school classes.  This really is a pretty simple project to key as it is in forms and the information to key is in the same spot, although the handwriting can be a little difficult to read.  To get a small sampling of the records you can click here to read the help article(see if you can read “Hermann” in the Vorname column) and in case you get stuck you can turn to the community for help by visiting the message board.

Happy keying!

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Reader Comments

For those of you who avoid foreign language records, this one really isn’t so tough. Standard forms, and so far the handwriting has been fairly consistent.

I am pleased to see more German projects to key and arbitrate. I have read the instructions. These are as interesting as the project itself.

Thank you.

Just noticed the German alphabet sample left out the letter “D”.

I have also found this sight to be helpful in deciphering the German script – http:/

My wishlist? Schleswig-Holstein censuses


I am glad you are enjoying the project – and that I wasn’t off base in saying the project really wasn’t too hard. 🙂

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