New records to key!

Today we released two new projects to key – Kansas, City and County Census, 1919-1978 and USHMM – Lodz, Poland, Vital Records of Jews in the Lodz Ghetto, 1939-1944

The Kansas City and County Census records is one of the projects that is replacing the #2 voted for project in our Fall Record Challenge.  I am so excited for more census records!  There are quite a few image sets, 150,000+, but we will not be keying a good number of them as they are livestock counts versus individuals names – review the project page to see examples of which records we are keying.

And we have a new World Memory Project to key, USHMM Lodz, Poland, Vital Records of Jews in the Lodz Ghetto, 1939-1944.  Lodz, as many of you likely know, was one of the largest ghettos, you can read more about it here.  I have a hard time thinking about the circumstances that people were living in and I can’t imagine the fears of what would be next.  It is hard for me to key these records but I do it so that these individuals, and families, are not forgotten. 

If you have questions about these projects come and participate on our Facebook page tomorrow from 10 am to noon MT.  (We will also be watching the Discussion page for questions posted there.) 

Happy keying!

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Thank you so much for the Kansas City and county census records! I was born there and many relatives are still there. Since I don’t live in that state anymore…it has been difficult to get records of my ancestors. Yay…!

Annie, the last few image sets that I downloaded for the Kansas County Census project have been very poor image quality. In some cases, I could see that a page had names, but I could read only a small fraction of the names on the page, the others being too faint. No amount of tinkering with image options helped. Question: when a large percentage of the names are faint or unreadable, may we simply enter the names that can be read, or should we also mark [illegible] all of the unreadable names? I haven’t see this covered in keying protocols. Thanks…..

Unfortunately there have been some poor quality images.

When you are entering the names it is important to mark the names that you can’t read as “illegible” (use Ctrl+I) this creates a record for those individuals.

Type your comment here.

The first page that I typed in the Kansas City census that had any names on it had 2 columns, each with 32 names and each column numbered 1 to 32, on the same page. I typed the first 32, then added another section for the second 32, since I couldn’t start again with 1. I hope this was right!

I received an image set from 1949. In the directions for the assessor, they were supposed to list only head of household. On many lines they had listed both husband and wife on the same line. How am I supposed to key this?
John A & Etha M Newcomb
Don & Viola
MC Cook Mabel

I want to key these correctly, so they will be useful.

Ancestry World Archives Project News » New records to key!


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Ancestry World Archives Project News » New records to key!

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Ancestry World Archives Project News » New records to key!

Ancestry World Archives Project News » New records to key!