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New “Help Getting Started” Feature

You may have already noticed that with today’s roll we launched the new “Help Getting Started” boxes that appear throughout the keying and arbitrating steps.  These are designed to help new keyers and arbitrators learn to use the tool more quickly.   Even though this feature was designed with new contributors in mind, we chose to […]

Free Access to World Archives Project Images Now Available!

Active contributors can now receive free access to the original images for databases keyed through the Ancestry World Archives Project!   Active contributors are participants who have keyed  more than 900 records in the last 90 days.  If you are an active contributor, you will automatically receive access to these images while you remain above 900 […]

We are Updating our Install Program

In a few days, we will be changing the install program we use for the Ancestry World Archives tool. In addition to handling the initial installation of the tool, the program also handles installation of upgrades and new versions. As part of our beta process, we discovered that the old install program was not meeting […]