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5, Yes 5, New Projects!

Today we are catching up on the slump we have had over the past few weeks.  There were a few back end issues we had to resolve before new projects could be made available in the keying tool – you would get a kick out of how excited we were when we were told we [...]

Challenge Wrap-up

Wow!  We had a great weekend.  There were 28,606 records keyed and 38,313 records reviewed – 81 contributors participated of whom 14 completed 1000+ records. The Challenge winners are: Top Keyer: Peggy S, USA Top Reviewer: Linda S, UK Weekend Warrior drawing winners: Vicki M, USA Sally M, AUS   Thank you to all who participated [...]

Challenge Update

Yesterday 32 contributors submitted image sets for a total of 14,970 records keyed. Top keyer: Beryl M, UK (although 4 image sets may not seem impressive for this project that equals 1600 records!) Overall Top Reviewer: Marcelle R, USA  Our remaining Challenge is over Saturday and Sunday for the Kansas, City and County Census, 1919-1978 [...]

Challenge winners!

Updated with winners from the 19th. Here are all of the winners to date: 8 & 9: New South Wales Government Gazettes Top keyer: Jane, USA Top reviewer: Kerrie, AUS 13th: West Yorkshire Quarter Sessions Top keyer: Kathie G, CAN Top reviewer: Erica V, UK 16th: Belfast, Northern Ireland, Newsletter Top keyer: Elizabeth S, CAN [...]

What went LIVE in July?

In July 4 new databases went live on Ancestry and an additional 2 were updated bringing a total of 1,105,098 new records for searching. New Great Britain, Holocaust Records From The Religious Society of Friends, 1933-1942 (USHMM) UK, Holocaust Records from the British Federation of University Women, 1938-1951 (USHMM) UK, Selected Records Relating to Kindertransport, [...]

Reviewers Stepping Up

Over the past few months we have sent messages to reviewers who have contributed to specific projects in an effort to complete them.  We are very appreciative of the efforts of the reviewers in jumping between projects and putting extra effort in to complete these projects.  In July we completed 4 projects -  Oklahoma, Indian and Pioneer [...]

Family History Month Challenge

UPDATE: The Weekend Warriors drawings have been stretched to 3 days – Friday, Saturday and Sunday – and the record threshold increased to 750 records contributed.  (This accommodates everyone, regardless of time zone.) I’ve been thinking of how we should celebrate National Family History Month (Australia and New Zealand) – well, other than working on [...]

Two new USHMM Projects!

This week brings us two new World Memory Project projects – Prague, Czechoslovakia, Selected Holocaust Records, 1939-1945 and Poland, Lódz Ghetto Inhabitant List, 1939-1944. The Prague, Czechoslovakia, Selected Holocaust Records, 1939-1945 project has a wide variety of records – letters, execution lists, arrest lists, prisoner lists and index cards, shootings of civilians, name lists of arrested civilians.  The records are [...]


Next week I will be working at the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies conference in Salt Lake City.  This is the first conference where we have a separate booth area for the World Archives Project and World Memory Project.  I am excited for the opportunity to talk to attendees about what we do – so [...]

Months – A, B, C or 1, 2, 3?

All new projects will have instructions to key months using the 3 letter abbreviations.   We know that there may be some confusion with projects having different instructions – all of the projects will remain the way they have been – so make sure to read the month field helps so you are aware of [...]


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