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William Rusch (1881-1958), and was taken ca. 1900 in ChicagoContributed by Judy Rosen
This photograph is of my grandfather, William Rusch (1881-1958), and was taken ca. 1900 in Chicago.

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Lindsey Anderson Brady, born in Lincoln, Kentucky, in 1811Contributed by Don Brady
This is a photograph of my great-great-grandfather, Lindsey Anderson Brady, born in Lincoln, Kentucky, in 1811. His son, my great-grandfather, Marion Brady, was born in Calloway, Kentucky, in 1834.

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  1. I find it difficult to believe that the photograph of Lindsey Anderson Brady was 19 year old when this photograph was taken.

  2. Thanks to everyone who wrote in to let me know about my error in the newsletter. I inadvertantly reversed the labels of the photographs in the newsletter. My apologies to Judy and Dan. Kudos to everyone who caught my mistake though! Good catch!


  3. I’m a little behind on checking my emails and just today saw you used my Grandfather. Have to say I was a little shocked to see the caption, tho. Which brought me here to see the mistake was already caught. Thank you, Juliana, for the apology and for using his father. I can’t tell you what a thrill it was to come to the end of the newsletter and see him there!!!!!!
    Judy Rosen

  4. I was surprised about the captions for the photos, the clothing and facial styles don’t match the dates given. When I checked the other comments, I see that the captions and the photos were reversed. It is always adviseable to look and to see.

  5. I see you caught the error in captions. I too noticed that the dress and ages were not appropriate for the dates given.

  6. And I thought I was SO clever in discovering the error. The old gent in the whiskers might have looked that way in Chicago in 1900 but the young fellow in the store-bought collar would have been the coolest thing ever to hit 1832- or-so Kentucky.

  7. I too saw the difference in clothing and quality of the pictures.And who says there are no typos with computers!

  8. Lindsey Anderson Brady is also my ancestor. I live in Kentucky and have visited the Brady Cemetery on the Black Farm in Texas, Washington County, Kentucky a number of times where Lindsey’s parents and many of his brothers and sisters are buried. The Black family are the kindest and most generous people. I would like more contact with Brady family members like Don Brady and Louise Stewart. My email is

  9. Both are very handsome. I was going to comment that I thought the captions were reversed, but I see that others beat me to it. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I am a direct decendent of Lindsay Anderson Brady. He was my great, great grandfather. His father was Thomas Anderson Brady and his father was Charles Anderson Brady. Does anyone have a picture of Charles Anderson Brady and who were his parents? Do you have any documentation regarding Charles parents. Charles is assumed to have been born in King George Co, VA in about 1750 but I have seen no documentation of this

  11. Don – I believe I’m from Marion as well (Hyrum is my great grandfather) wasn’t that Marion’s son?

  12. Lindsey Anderson Brady picture here:, is right. The young man above his photo is not Lindsey Anderson Brady. I don’t know how that got on this site.

    Lindsey Anderson Brady family history book published in 1972 in available on CD thru :

    Lindsay’s son Marion was my Great, Great Grandfather, and his son Hyrum was my Great Grandfather. He had nine sons and two daughters, who lived by our family.

    Don Brady Mar 2008

  13. Keziah Brady daughter of Lindsay Anderson Brady married to Silas Richards is my great grandmother.

  14. Lindsay Anderson Brady is also a relative of mine. GGGGrandfather (son Silas Lindsay Brady was my great grandfather)
    Hi, extended family!

  15. Love the Picture of Lindsay anderson Brady. He was my husbands relative, as his mother was Martha Elizabeth Brady,

  16. Question:

    Where did the middle name “Anderson” originate in the Brady name? I have hit a brick wall on my “Anderson” line.
    My gr,gr, grandfather was Stephen W. Anderson, born March 1828
    Washington Co. Ky.
    I cannot find his parents or any known Anderson relative around him. Rumor is that several of the Brady males (that had Anderson as their middle name dropped the Brady and went by Anderson. (Such as a Charles, Frank, and William Anderson Brady.) There is documentation recorded at the Washington County Courthouse.

    My Stephen W. Anderson was a house carpenter, born in Washington Co. Kentucky. He married Mary Martha Rizer d/o Joseph M. Rizer and Sarah Gray Rizer.
    Also note: that on the 1880 Census for Nelson Co, Kentucky my Stephen records that his parents were born in Virginia, the same as a Charles G. Anderson (who was a Brady).

    I am totally confused about this Anderson / Brady group. Can anyone shed some light?
    Please drop an e-mail to

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