Weekly Planner: Explore Technology

Are we getting the most from the technology we own? Have we taken the time to explore all of the features of our genealogy program, our online subscription, a PDA, or some other techno-gadget? Look online for manuals and help guides, and set aside an hour a day to explore all of the features and learn how to make them work for you.

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Planner: Explore Technology

  1. One of the most important technology tools for genealogy research is your email client. In this week’s newsletter, one tip recommended printing copies of emails from family members to keep. You should also learn how to organize your messages into folders and back them up to a disk or CD for safe-keeping.

    Did you know that you can create filters which will automatically do much of this organization work for you?

    You can also save much of the repetitive text you use when sending inquiries and quickly paste the saved text into a message when needed.

    Learning to take advantage of your email client is a good first step to support your research efforts.

  2. HP is offering a number of online training courses free of charge, right now there is one on genealogy and on an Ipaq PDA.
    Comment by Inge Vaz

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