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Last week as I was researching The Year Was 1829, I happened across a site that may be of interest to those of you who have ancestors from northern England–the Durham Mining Museum. According to the site, it “… covers mining in the Northern part of England, i.e., County Durham (DUR), Northumberland (NBL), Cumberland (CUL), Westmorland (WES) and the Ironstone mines of North Yorkshire (NRY). For information on mining in other areas of the country there may be a site listed in our Links section.”

For those with ancestors who may have died in mining accidents, their Memorial Roll and mining accident reports, will be of interest. Others who have ancestors in the area may also find the site useful as well, as it has several detailed historical maps. Although I don’t know of links to the area from my family, the site was full of information and I found it interesting to look through.


Durham Mining Museum

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  1. This is definitely one of the best websites for anyone with ancestors from the north east of England, where the majority worked in the coal mines. It has fantastic detailed maps over various years with all those tiny pit villages. Try “www.durham-miner.org” for a more personal history of mining life in the last centuries in the North East.

  2. My grandfather, uncles and lots of relatives have worked the coal mines prior and durng the 1930’s depression days in west virginia. they moved around many places, etc. Glad that you have something about this industry. God Bless You! sincerely, bob alexander

  3. My aunt is living in Durham N. C. and her father was my grandfather that worked within the mines. she is doing the genology of McKitrick-McGilton families. Within the notes she has within the genology books – is a couple pages of what it was like to move around and live within the coal mines towns of west virginia.

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