3 thoughts on “Quote for Today

  1. I agree totally with Benjamin Franklin’s quote “Energy and persistence conquer all things.” I graduated from college with my under graduate degree, at age 60, with this quote in mind.

    Margaret Cline Harmon

  2. “Energy and persistence conquer all things”
    Except in getting into and adding documents and data into your Ancestry Family Tree!! I have been on this for weeks and it’s so slow, I might as well cancel my subscription for all it’s worth.
    If I add a picture to someones name…..it loads, but doesn’t connect to their name. I have to delete and try all over again which takes 15 minutes per picture! Waste of time!!!!

  3. Even true of finding lost family members and discovering your tree of life. “Only with true determination and continued vigor does one grasp his heart’s desire.” Quote by James Laycock January 25, 2009.

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