Websites Can Now Be Made Public

MyFamily.JPGMyFamily 2.0 users now have the ability to make their websites publicly viewable to anyone. For family historians looking to make their site accessible to other family members who don’t want to worry about passwords (providing, of course, the site doesn’t contain sensitive personal information that you don’t want in the public domain), this is an easy way to put your family history out there without the hassles of html. MyFamily is also a great forum for groups and organizations that want an easy way for members to collaborate and communicate, or for bloggers that want an easy-to-use site to express themselves.

To make your MyFamily site public, just click on the Site Settings tab on the far right of the website, and check the box that is marked Public.

Click here to start your website.

9 thoughts on “ Websites Can Now Be Made Public

  1. I believe so. If you look at the navigation tabs, follow it all the way to the right, and you should see one for Site Settings. Are you using MyFamily 2.0 or did you decide not to migrate your site?

  2. “this is an easy way to put your family history out there without the hassles of html”

    So is Rootsweb’s World Connect Trees. Of course TGN intentionally does not upgrade the functionality of WC. Still, it is a simple and proven system.

  3. No one needs to make public their family tree. Some in the tree may not like it being public. Have some consideration for them.

  4. I wish to Thank all the family trees in my family,that have been made public.If not for them ,I wouldn’t have known my roots(nor would you!!)Thank You All!!!! Les Forney

  5. I haven’t been able to open anything. Is this just and advertisement? If not do I have a login?

  6. Unless I am reading this wrong, going public on MyFamily is new and set up for those of us with limited BLOG or Website skills. Those who have already chosen to make our trees public will have no changes in administration unless we choose them in MyFamily. My thanks also to those public trees on Ancestry who are opening up the research field exponentially.

  7. I’m looking for anyone that can help me with the family tree of Mills from grandfather and great grandfather is buried in Martin Co, Ky and was around in the early 1700’s and i’m pretty sure they and the Crum family all came over together. they are all buried together on a mountain together. My grand mother was a Dalton. And i’m needing some help i’m disabled and trying to find some answers. The other thing is my late Grand father King David Mills was a WW1 Vet and was a POW. Un the Turkish War and was help there. He and 30 some others dug a tunnel out in the sand. out of hundreds only a few lived to tell about it. Thank you , who ever you are ! God Bless you and happy holidays to you !

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