Quote for Today

Juliana's cat, Pearl Jam“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.”
~ Albert Einstein

2 thoughts on “Quote for Today

  1. It’s a very cute genealogy kitty and must be Juliana’s:-)

    We care for a friend’s cat while they travel and he loves to sit on my desk while I’m typing away.

  2. Here is a “trick” usd by professionals a lot when photographing subjects which will have a shiney background. All surfaces have a reflectance quality, some more than others. Anything with a smooth or slick surface is going to reflect more light. Either have the light over to one side or move to one side and take photo at an angle. This will cut back on the reflectance of the flash. I do this and sometimes use what we call “bounce flash,” in which I have my flash pointing toward the ceiling and a small white card attched to the back of the flash with about three inches pointing up and held their either by velcro or a ruber band. The card reflects light toward the subject (avoiding some shadows), while the main flash illuminates the subject from the ceiling and does not catch the reflections as easily as a direct flash would.

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