Your Quick Tips, 03 November 2008

Cemetery Photos
When I take photographs of cemetery stones, I also take one long shot of the general area to help others find this plot.

Shirley White
New Hampshire

Make That a Baker’s Dozen
In last week’s “Tips From The Pros,” there was an article by Loretto D. Szucs titled, Finding Immigrant Origins in the Old Country–A Dozen Possibilities. It included twelve most useful suggestions for locating ancestral origins. As excellent as they were, she seems to have left out one source that can be very helpful.

#13: Passenger manifests. While the earlier ones typically only give the country of origin for those ancestors and relatives entering the U.S., later manifests–beginning early in the twentieth century–would also give the town in the country of origin. The passenger lists can also lead to something else of equal or greater importance, and that is passenger departure lists from the country of origin. These offer the exact town of departure, even when the manifests of arrival themselves don’t have that data (as with the aforementioned older ones).
Robert M. Kern
Yonkers, New York

Google an Address
Try entering the address of a known family household into Google…I did so using the address of a great-grand uncle and found it listed in a real estate ad! The listing also included photos of the front, rear, and side views of the house.

Virginia Dunham

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2 thoughts on “Your Quick Tips, 03 November 2008

  1. Looking for any history from Cork which would include references to John Finn/Ellen (?) Murphy, 1ate 1700s to early 1800s


    Jim Finn

  2. I also enjoy looking for Google Earth photos of old address I have for ancestors. However, I have one problem I do not know how to handle. How do i convert Range and Section information from Land patents into longitude and latitude?

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