Ancestry Launches New Toolbar

Ancestry____logo1.gifAncestry has added a new feature to help you find what you need quickly and easily on the site. You can now install a new toolbar on either IE or Firefox browsers. Employees got a sneak peek at this toolbar  and I’ve been using it for about a couple weeks now and really like it. The toolbar includes:

  • A Google search of the Ancestry site
  • A Save button that allows you to save photos, text and links to your Ancestry tree
  • A drop-down box with your Quick Links from the Ancestry home page
  • A drop-down box to quickly access all of your Ancestry trees

You can learn more about the new toolbar on the Ancestry blog.

Click here to download the new toolbar.

4 thoughts on “Ancestry Launches New Toolbar

  1. Why something new when there are so many problems with the old that are quicker to use and easier to read? Putting in new only creates more problems and wastes time with useless garnered information. When can we expect help with the UK record system that states ‘find a source in Ancestry’ links you something that cannot be added to a person’s page as it is Free and doesn’t work in the subscribed portion of the program. Why can I not add two recorded marriages to a person’s tree? Two legal marriages, the first wife died.

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