Photo Corner, 11 August 2008

Laura Suffern (Livingston) Davis (1891-1967), Howland Davis (1915-2000), Howland Shippen Davis (1886-1969), Katherine Livingston Davis (1917-1983; married name Stonington)Contributed by Howland S. Davis II
Here is a picture of my grandmother, Laura Suffern (Livingston) Davis (1891-1967), my father, Howland Davis (1915-2000), my grandfather Howland Shippen Davis (1886-1969) and my aunt, Katherine Livingston Davis (1917-1983; married name Stonington). The photo was taken approximately 1918/19 based on the age of my aunt. My grandfather served in France during WWI as an officer.

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Davis and Elizabeth LanterContributed by Barbara J. (Mayo) Wiar
This is a picture of Davis and Elizabeth Lanter, taken late 1890s in Leavenworth, Kansas. Davis is my great-great grandfather and was a captain in the Civil War.

6 thoughts on “Photo Corner, 11 August 2008

  1. I love the old photos that are posted, many of which have fine detail. However, you are not providing links to the rather small images to get a full-blown image.

    Will you please link the modestly large thumbnails to genuinely large photos worthy of the details?


    Gary S. Collins

  2. How lucky to have such a great photo of your great great grandparents, but I would suggest due to the dress style of Elizabeth that the photo was taken in the 1870’s. You might want to investigate the photographer and see when he was in business to narrow down the date.

  3. Hello,

    Been looking for pieces of the puzzle, slowly but surely and wondering if these Davis’ are related to the Davis’ I’m looking for ? Mathilda Davis, also from the area your looking for ? Mathilda married my G G Great Grandfather Lewis (Louis) Keys. Mathilda was born in Kentucky, also known as Eugenia (Davis) Keys married 7 Sept. 1873 in St. Louis MO.

    Kevin W. Keys

  4. I am wondering if Howland was a family name. My father’s mother’ maiden name was Howland. They were from Eastport, LI, NY. I have been searching for more information on her family.

  5. Hello:

    Thanks so much for posting your photo Barbara, I was wondering if I could be put in touch with her, I had a question I would like to ask her regarding her Mayo ancestry.

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