One-to-One Tutorials with Sherry Irvine at Pharos Tutors

Pharos Tutors.bmpMany of you are probably familiar with Sherry Irvine’s work through her columns here and in many other publications. Now she’s preparing to help students on a more personal level in tackling their brick wall problems. Here’s the press release from Pharos Tutors.

Pharos announces the launch of one to one online tutorials with expert genealogist Sherry Irvine

Pharos Teaching & Tutoring was the first British company to provide online tutor assisted classes aimed specifically at helping researchers with British ancestry. Now, Pharos is launching a new one to one tutorial service to help genealogists tackle those nasty research problems generally known as “brick walls.” The service provides a practical option when it is difficult to find a course that fits the problem or when expert analysis is needed.

Sherry has been helping people solve genealogical problems for over twenty years, as a teacher, lecturer, writer and researcher. She is the author of books on Scottish, English and Irish research and her articles, full of practical ideas, appear in many publications. She is a popular presenter at seminars and conferences, and online as a Pharos tutor. Her particular expertise is solving problems from a distance.

Sherry’s own family history has taken her into all parts of the British Isles as well as across the centuries, from the 1500s to the twentieth century. She particularly enjoys genealogical puzzles and helping others see new research pathways.

The one to one process is a simple one. Students send Sherry their problems, she analyses what needs to be done, students then get a web based tutorial with Sherry, expert analysis of their problem, personal guidance and a plan of action to take away.

Click here for a more detailed descripton of the program.

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