Weekly Planner: Your 2008 Family History Goals

As we face the New Year tomorrow, let’s look ahead and set some goals in our family history research. Whether your goal is to finally find great-grandpa in the 1900 census, to file that stack of papers, label those photographs, or master a new skill–make a list of things you’d like to accomplish this year. Then take each item and plan to make it happen. Set aside a certain amount of time each day to browse through the census for great-grandpa, even if it’s just ten minutes over that morning cup of coffee. Keep track of where you left off for the next day. File or label photos for fifteen minutes a day. Investigate classes or publications that can help you further your research and grow your skills. Let’s make this a great year for your family history!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Planner: Your 2008 Family History Goals

  1. When accessing this page I get a really annoying BEEP-BEEP-BEEP sound in the background why? how do I get rid of it?

  2. This is an idea (plea?) for content, either in one of the print mediums or online: With all of the magazines and television shows devoted to re-designing space for more effective and pleasant use, I have never seen an article or segment devoted to “designing your dream genealogy workspace.” I have the chance to do that — a nice, large room with a big “closet” in which I already store all my books, files and boxes of “stuff.” I know I’d like to put some big maps on the walls. I think I’d like to have some magnetic or “French memo” boards — on a lot of the forensic shows on TV, they do that for their clues to keep them “top of mind” and help find connections — and I think that’s a great idea for lines that I am “tracking” . Obviously, a computer workstation, some bookshelves, a place with good light to spread things out and work with magnifying glass, and a comfortable place to sit and think and maybe read a book or two. But what am I leaving out? How should it all be organized in this big, L-shaped room (that probably has the best view in the house)? I wouldn’t mind seeing a monthly space devoted to the workspaces some of the pros have created… maybe someone needs to go into the “genealogy organizing and design” business ala “Clean Sweep”!

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