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  • U.S. Passport Applications, 1787-1925
  • Historic U.S. & Canada Atlases, 1591-2000
  • Major U.S. & Canada Newspaper Update
  • North Dakota State Census, 1915 & 1925
  • Southern Claims Commission Records
  • Stars and Stripes, Pacific Theater, 1942-1964

3 thoughts on “New at Ancestry

  1. There is a link error in the list of new postings. Clicking on the “Missouri Marriages Before 1840” link takes you to the “New Jersey State Census, 1895” database.

  2. At the library where I have access to Ancestry I find the American Passports in the Recent databases and can view them when they are listed here as coming soon. The 1895 NJ State census that is listed as posted this week I can not find. I can follow the link from this blog but can’t view it because I do not have a password at the library – Ancestry is always up and running there – no password needed. And when I try to search thru the Ancestry site I can find no listing for the state census.

  3. Is it possible to have more information on Western Pennsylvania and the different ethnic groups that have immigrated there.
    There is limited information on line, obituaries,newspapers, and birth and marriage records from the smaller towns in Western Pennsylvania.
    I have been doing my family tree for some time and I have went to the local library and court house to find some of the information I needed. The smaller towns have an abundance of information that does not make it to Ancestry. This maybe a project that needs to be looked into for those of us that came from coal mining towns and farms.


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