Your Quick Tips, 12 November 2007

Colonial Massachusetts tombstone details: Capt. Samuel Hunting, Charlestown, 1701 (from Library of Congress Photo Collection at Ancestry) New England Tombstones
While looking at a website of New England tombstones, I remembered something from an archeology class about the sequence of New England headstone style changes. I Googled the name of the author and found an article from a journal. Some researchers might find this useful in getting approximate dates on headstones with names but no exact date data. Click here to read the article.

All the best,
Tom Walden

Image: Colonial Massachusetts tombstone details: Capt. Samuel Hunting, Charlestown, 1701 (from Library of Congress Photo Collection)

Sometimes It Takes a Manual Search
In searching census records, I found that on one occasion the person who wrote the index missed listing my ancestor and family. I found him by the tedious but effective method of “manual search.” I went to the district, county, and state I thought he should be in and started with page one scanning each page with my eyes. Ah ha! There was the family. Sometimes the long way to do something is the only way.
Thanks for all you do to help us amateurs with our hobby.

Marilou Watson Jacob
Louisville, KY

New Portal of Family History Websites
I have posted a listing of commonly used family history websites alphabetically arranged from A to Z. This website will be helpful to family history instructors, students, genealogists, and librarians as a quick listing of popular sites.

Kip Sperry

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  1. Thanks for the link to the article on evolution of
    Tombstone styles in New England. I’ve found this
    type of information very helpful in trying to place
    my ancestors religious affiliation and place in society.

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